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__Present and Previous Positions__
*Full-time professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China
*Since 2005 President-CEO and Co-founder of  several startups in biotechnology
*Since 2000 Professor Emeritus, Pasteur Institute. 
*Since 1999 Director of Research, Emeritus, C.N.R.S.
*Since 1993 President of the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention, associated with UNESCO (Paris)
*1997-2001 Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Queens College, CUNY, New York
*1991-1997 Chief of Retrovirus Department, Pasteur Institute
*1985-2000 Professor, Pasteur Institute
*1980-1985 Chief of the Virology Department and Head of the Post Graduate Course of General Virology, Pasteur Institute
*1974-1998 Director of Research, C.N.R.S. 
*1972-2000 Founder and Director of the Viral Oncology Unit at the Virology Department, Pasteur Institut
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
**Knight of the Legion of Honour (1984)
**Commander of the National Order of Merit (1986)
**Officer of the Legion of Honour (1990)
**Commander of the Legion of Honour (1993)
**Officer of the Mayo Order (Argentina, 2000)
**Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour (2009)

**C.N.R.S. bronze medal (1964)
**Rozen prize for cancerology (1971)
**C.N.R.S. silver medal (1973)
**Gallien prize (1985)
**Louis Jeantet prize (1986)
**James Blundel prize (1986)
**Korber Foundation for European Research prize (1986)
**Albert Lasker prize (1986)
**Gairdner prize (1987)
**Japan prize (1988)
**King Faisal Price of Saudi Arabia International prize for medicine (1993)
**Amsterdam Foundation for Medicine prize of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (1994)
**Atomic Energy Committee (CEA) prize (1994)
**Hippocrates prize of the Hellenic Society for Internal Medicine (1995)
**Neil Hamilton Fairley prize ot the Royal College of Physicians of London (1994)
**Steve Chase humanitarian prize (1995)
**Rome "Frégéné" prize (1996)
**Japanese Red Cross prize (1997)
**German Red Cross prize (1997)
**Warren Alpert prize, USA (1998)
**« Recherche et Médecine » prize (Institut des Sciences de la Santé, Paris) (1999) 
**Prince of Asturias Award (2000)
**Laureate of the National Inventors Hall of Fame (2004)
**“Prestige” EDC Prize of Ecole des Dirigeants et Créateurs d’entreprises, Paris (2005)
**Prize of the “Académie des sciences médicales” of Bilbao (2006)
**Prize of the MBC News of Dubaï (Saudia Arabia) (2007)
**[Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine, Stockholm (2008)|http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2008/montagnier-facts.html]

*__Doctor Honoris Causa__
**University of Leuven (Belgium)
**University of Liege (Belgium) 
**University of Salonica (Greece)
**Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York)
**American University of Paris (France) 
**University of Bologna (Italia)
**University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
**University of Urbino (Italia)
**University of Montreal (Canada)
**University of Laval (Quebec)
**University of London (United Kingdom)
**University of Bucharest (Romania)
**University of Athens (Greece)

*__Academician member__
**Member of Academy of Sciences of Madrid (1987)
**Foreign member of Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium (1988) 
**Member of the French Academy of Medicine (1989)
**Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization EMBO (1990)
**Member of the French Academy of Sciences (1996)
**Honorary Member of the Academy of Medicine of Turin, Italy (2006)
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