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__Present and Previous Positions__
* Associate Professor in Organometallic Chemistry at the Natural Science Research Council 1989-94
*1994 Professor (bitr prof) at KTH
*1997 Professor in Organic Chemistry at KTH
*1998 Vice President KTH
*1999 - 2004 Vice Dean KTH
*2004 Dean KTH Febr-Apr 
*2015 - 2018 President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
*2017 - 2019 Vice President EASAC
__Fields of Scholarship__

*Asymmetric catalysis
*Lewis acid-Lewis base catalyzed reactions
*Influence of symmetry in asymmetric reactions. 
*Secondary interactions: M…H-O hydrogen bond
*Polymer-supported catalysts
* Science for Policy
__Honours and Awards__
*1998 Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 
*1998 Member of the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
*2017 Member of European Academy of Sciences
*1991 Received the award "Lindbomska priset" from the Academy of Sciences
*1997 Received the Norblad Ekstrand metal
*1998 Received the “Göran Gustavsson-priset” 
*1999 Received “grade de Chevalier dans l’Ordre National du Mérite” from the French President 
*2001 Received the “Sixten Heyman-priset” from Göteborg University
*2006 Received the “Ulla och Stig Holmquist-priset” from Uppsala University 
*2015 Fellow of ChemPubSoc Europe 
*2016 Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry 
*2016 The King´s Medal 
*2017 Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry 

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