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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2001,10 - present, Professor and and head of the Chair of Software Engineering, ETH Zurich, Computer Science Department
*2001- present, Chief Architect, Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara (California), USA
*2009-present, president, IFIP TC2 committee (software)
*1989-present, conference series chair, TOOLS conferences (Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems)
*2002-2009, Publisher, Journal of Object Technology
*2005-present, President, Informatics Europe (association of European Computer Science Departments)
*2004-2006, Associate chair (2003-2004) then chair (2004-2006) of the Computer Science department, ETH Zurich
*1998-2003, Professor (adjunct), Monash University, Australia
*1985-2001 President and CEO, Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara (California), USA
*1985, company founder, Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara (California), USA
*1983-1986, Visiting Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, Computer Science Department.
*1974-1983, Research Engineer, then head of software support division, Electricité de France (French National Power Company), R&D
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Programming languages
*Software specification and formal methods of software development
*Object-oriented programming, object technology
*Concurrent and parallel programming
*Computer science education
*Theory of programming
*Software development environments
*Software verification
*Software testing
__Honours and Awards__
*2011 ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Investigator Grant
*2010 Harlan Mills prize of the IEEE (“For practical and fundamental contributions to object-oriented software engineering”)
*2009 ACM Fellow.
*2009 Elected chair of IFIP TC2 committee (software)
*2007 ACM Software System award
*2006 Doctorate Honoris Causa, State Technical University ITMO of Saint Petersburg, Russia
*2005 Senior Dahl-Nygaard prize for object technology in recognition of the design of Eiffel
*2004-2010 Switzerland representative to IFIP TC2
*1998 Jolt Award (for “Object-Oriented Software Construction, 2nd edition”)
*1991 Election as a member of the Académie des Technologies (French Academy of Technology, was “Comité des Applications de l’Académie des Sciences” until 2001)
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