!!Dieter Meschede - Selected publications
T. Kampschulte, W. Alt, S. Brakhane, M.Eckstein, R. Reimann, A. Widera, D. Meschede\\
Optical control of the refractive index of a single atom\\
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Quantum Walk in Real Space with Single Optically Trapped Atoms\\
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M. Khudaverdyan, W. Alt, T. Kampschulte, S. Reick, A. Thobe, A. Widera, and D. Meschede\\
Quantum jumps and conditional spin dynamics in a strongly coupled atom-cavity system\\
Phys. Rev. Lett., 103, 123006 (2009)\\
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An atom sorting machine\\
Nature 442, 151 (2006)\\
D. Schrader, I. Dotsenko, M. Khudaverdyan, Y. Miroshnychenko, A. Rauschenbeutel, and D. Meschede\\
A Neutral Atom Quantum Register\\
Phys. Rev. Lett 93 (2004) 150501 [[859 citations]\\
S. Kuhr, W. Alt, D. Schrader, M. Müller, V. Gomer, D. Meschede\\
Deterministic Delivery of a Single Atom\\
Science 293 (2001) 278\\
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Imaging with an Atomic Beam\\
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H. R. Telle, D. Meschede, and T. W. Hänsch\\
Realization of a New Concept for Visible Frequency Division: Phase Locking of Harmonic and Sum Frequencies\\
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W. Jhe, A. Anderson, E. Hinds, D. Meschede, L. Moi, and S. Haroche\\
Suppression of Spontaneous Emission at Optical Frequencies: A Test of Vacuum Field Anisotropy in Confined Space\\
Phys. Rev. Lett. 58 (1987) 666  [[137 citations]\\
D. Meschede, H. Walther, and G. Müller, \\
One Atom Maser\\
Phys. Rev. Lett. 54 (1985) 551  [[140 citations]