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__Present and Previous Positions__
* July, 2014-   Edmond and Lily Safra Professor of Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics, Division of Brain Sciences, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London
* April, 2012-   Professor and Head, Division of Brain Sciences, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London  
* Sept 2006- March 2013   Professor of Clinical Neurosciences, Centre for Neuroscience, Department of Medicine
* July, 2012- February 2014  Vice-President for Integrative Medicines Development, Neurosciences and Medicine Development Lead, GlaxoSmithKline (joint appointment with Imperial College)
* Oct 2011- June, 2012  Vice-President for Imaging; Head, Global Imaging Unit, Center for Clinical Studies Excellence, GlaxoSmithKline. 
* Oct 2006- March 2008   Vice-President for Imaging, Neurology and Genetics, GlaxoSmithKline.
* Oct 2005- Oct 2011  Vice-President for Imaging; Head, GSK Clinical Imaging Centre (CIC), GlaxoSmithKline. 
* Sept 2004- Oct 2005 Head, Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford
* Sept 1998- Oct 2005 Professor of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford 
* Sept 1995- Oct 2005 Director, Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Imaging of the Brain
* Sept 1995- Aug 98 Reader in Neurology, University of Oxford
* July 1993- Aug 1995 Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery and Human Genetics, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
*Staff Neurologist, Montreal Neurological Hospital
*Attending Neurologist, Montreal Children’s Hospital
*Attending Neurologist, Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*2015 NIHR Senior Investigator 
*Elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (2014)
*Hon. Officer of the Order of the British Empire (2008) awarded for services to neuroscience
*Elected Member, Association of Physicians (2010)
*MRC Clinical Research Reader (1995-2000), full salary support (competitively awarded in national competition for excellence in research)
*MRC Clinical Research Professor (2000-08), full salary support transitioning to honorary appointment after taking up GSK position (2005-08) (competitively awarded in national competition for excellence in research) 
*Feindel Neuroimaging Lectureship (2009), McGill University
*Elected and renewed serially as a Fellow by Special Election, St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford (1997- present)
*MRC (Canada) Clinician-Scientist Award (1990), competitive 5 year full salary and research support award for clinician-scientist career development
*Penfield-McNaughton Award (1990), awarded annually by the Montreal Neurological Institute to most outstanding leaving specialist trainees
*Foulkes Foundation Clinician Scientist Training Award (1982), nationally competitive full tuition award for non- clinical scientist to train in medicine
*National Science Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship (1979), research support and tuition costs for DPhil in Oxford

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