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__Present and Previous Positions__
* 2001 - to date Full Professor: University Complutense of Madrid
* 2007 - to date Vice-Director of the IMDEA-Nanoscience Institute (Institute for Advanced Studies in Nanoscience of Madrid) 1989-2001 Associate Professor: University Complutense of Madrid
* 1994 Visiting Professor: University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
* 1987 - 1988 Postdoctoral fellow: Institut für Organische Chemie, Universität Tübingen (Germany) 1985-1987 Assistant Professor: University Complutense of Madrid
* 1984 - 1985 Research fellow: Research Department of Laboratory Juste S.A.-Q.F
* 1980 - 1984 Doctor degree (Extraordinary Award) in Chemistry, University Complutense of Madrid, Department of Organic Chemistry
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Fullerenes as a singular curved scenario: Discovering new reactions on Fullerenes!
*Supramolecular Chemistry of Carbon Nanoforms. Concave-convex Supramolecular Interactions
*Molecular electronics: Molecular nanowires
*Photoinduced Electron Transfer processes (Mimicking Photosynthesis)
*Artificial Photosynthetic Systems and Photovoltaic Devices (All organic and perovskites solar cells)
*Carbon nanostructures for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
*Carbon nanoforms for bio-medical applications: Infections by emergent viruses
*Synthetic molecular chiral carbon nanostructures
__Honours and Awards__
*2017 - 2021 President of the Scientific Committee of International Symposium on Novel Aromatics (ISNA)
*2016 Doctor Honoris Causa by Castilla-La Mancha University (Spain)
*2015 - today President of COSCE (Confederation of the Scientific Societies of Spain) Over 80 societies with over 40.000 scientists
*2015 - today. Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Materials Chemistry (A, B and C) of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
*2015 “Miguel Catalán Award” The most prestigious award from the Madrid Regional Govern, given to only one senior scientist
*2015 - today Corresponding Academic Member of the Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales de España.
*2014 "Catalán-Sabatier Award" given by the Societè Française de Chimie
*2013 “Advanced Grant“ from the European Research Council (ERC) in 2012 (Extended to 2019)
*2013 "Richard E. Smalley Award", given by the Electrochemical Society, Co. (USA)
*2012 "Alexander von Humboldt Award" given by the AvH Foundation
*2012 Doctor Honoris Causa by La Havana University (Cuba)
*2012 "EuCheMS Conference". Only one chemist is distinguished with this award per year in Europe
*2012 "Jaime I Award to basic research", given by Generalitat Valenciana. Given by the King of Spain
*2012 "Gold Medal and Research Award" of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ). Highest distinction of the RSEQ
*2007, "DuPont Award for Science"
*2006 - 2012 President of The Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry
*2006 - to date Corresponding Academic Member of the Academia de Doctores de España
*2005 - to date Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)
*2000 Distinguished Professor by La Havana University (Cuba)
*1985 Extraordinary PhD Award (Academic course 1984 / 1985), University Complutense of Madrid

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