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__Present and Previous Positions__
* since 2009 Research Director, Institute of Protein Biochemistry, the National Research Council, Naples 
* 2004 - 2009 Director of the Cell Biology and Oncology Department at the Mario Negri Sud Institute, S. Maria Imbaro (Chieti), Italy
* 1988  Head, Laboratory of Intracellular Membrane Traffic, Consorzio Mario Negri Sud, S. Maria Imbaro (Chieti), Italy
* 1987 Co-founder of the Consorzio Mario Negri Sud Research Insitute, S. Maria Imbaro (Chieti), Italy
* 1986 - 1987 Chief of the Neuroendocrinology Research Unit, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milan, Italy
* 1983 - 1986 Scientist, National Institute of Mental Health, (US) supervision by Nobel laureate Dr. J. Axelrod
* 1979 - 1983 Visiting Scientist, Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Neurobiology, Rehovot, Israel 
* 1975 - 1978 Research Fellow, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, supervision of Dr. L. Manara and Prof. S. Garattini
* 1974 Internship - Niguarda Division of "Ca’ Granda" Hospital, "Rizzi" Department of Medicine, Milan, Italy
* 1973     MD, Faculty of Medicine, University of Milan
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Morpho-functional organization of intracellular membrane transport in living cells.
* Regulation and control systems of the intracellular membrane transport apparatus
* Mechanisms of membrane fission
* Bioimaging technology – correlative microscopy
* Signal transduction
__Honours and Awards__
*2014 Member of the European Research Council (ERC) Evaluation Panel, European commission, Brussels
*2013-present Member of the Steering Committee of the Regional Science District “Campania Bioscience”
*2013-present Delegate of the Ministry to the EuroBioImaging International Steering Committee.
*2012-present  Member of the X ray and Neutron Sources Committee, CNR 
*2012-present Member of the Science Advisory Board, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble
*2011-present National Coordinator of the ESFRI European Imaging Infrastructure EuroBioImaging 
*2011-present Member of the Review Panel of the EMBL Core Facilities and Technologies. 
*2011 Member of the Faculty of 1000
*2010 Qualified for the position of Institute Director at the Italian National Research Council 
*2004 Member of the Biological Sciences Evaluation Panel for the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology
*Since 2004 Permanent EMBO Member
*2002 Member of the Evaluation Committee, Institute of Biomembranes, Utrecht University
*2002 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Association of Cancer Research (AIRC) 
*2001 Member of the International Affairs Committee, ASCB (American Society of Cell Biology)
*2000 Emilio Trabucchi Foundation Medal

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