!!Luigi Lugiato -  Curriculum Vitae

__Born:__ Limbiate, Italy\\
__Marital status:__ married, one child \\
__“Laurea”__  in Physics at University of Milano, March 13, 1968, summa cum laude
\\ \\
__Academic History__
\\ \\
*2011-present Contract Professor of Electromagnetism at University of Insubria, Como, Italy
*1998-2011 Full Professor of  Quantum Optics at University of Insubria, Como, Italy
*1990-1998 Full Professor of Quantum Electronics, University of Milano, Italy
*1987-1990 Full Professor of Atomic Physics, Turin Polytechnic, Italy
*1980-1986 Associate Professor of Physics, University of Milano
*1974-1980 Assistant Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Milano
*1972-1974 Researcher of Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Milano
*1968-1972 Research Fellowship of Milan Ministry of Public Education, University of Milano
__Organizational activities__ 
*Co-editor of 4 volumes of conference proceedings and of 3 special issues of refereed journals 
*Member editorial board Optics Communications, 1988-1994 
*Member editorial board Quantum Optics, 1989-1994 
*Member editorial board Physical Review A, 1991-1993 
*Associate editor European Physical Journal D, 1998-present 
*Member advisory board Springer Series on Synergetics, 1999-2007 
*Member of the Physics panel of the European Union Programmes Human Capital and Mobility (1992-1994) and Training Mobility of Researchers (1995-1998) 
*Member of the board of the Quantum Electronics and Optical division of the European Physical Society, 1994-2003 (scientific secretary 1997-1999) 
*Member of the International Council of Quantum Electronics, 1996-1999 
*Member of the International advisory board (Fachbeirat) of the Max Planck Institut für Quantenoptick, Garching, Germany, 1996-2005 
*Member of the scientific council of the national group of Quantum Electronics and Plasma Physics of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy, 1997-2002 
*Member of the board of directors of Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia, Italy, 2001-2004
*Coordinator of the Como Research Unit of Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per le Scienze Fisiche della Materia (CNISM), 2005-2008
*President of the Council of the Degree Course in Physics, 2008-2011
*Managing Coordinator of the European project HIDEAS ( High Dimensional Entangled Systems), FET-Open Programme, 2008-present
*Member of the program committee of several international conferences (occasionally conference chairman)
*Prize for young researchers, Italian Physical Society, 1970
*Honorary Adjunct Professor at the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences, Drexel University, Philadelphia, 1980-1990 
*Albert A. Michelson Medal of the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 1987 
*SIF Optronic Prize of the Italian Physical Society, 1991 
*Willis E. Lamb Medal for Laser Science and Quantum Optics, Physics of  Quantum Electronics Inc, 2002 
*Quantum Electronics and Optics Prize of the European Physical Society, 2003
*18th International Khwarizmi Prize, 2005
*Max Born Award, Optical Society of America, 2007
*Fermi Prize and Medal, Italian Physical Society,2008
*Premio Internazionale Luigi Tartufari per la Fisica, Accademia dei Lincei, 2010
*Socio Istituto Lombardo, Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, 2011
*Member Academia Europaea, Section Physics & Engineering Sciences, 2011
*Life Fellow of the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia 
*Fellow of the Optical Society of America 
*Fellow of the American Physical Society
*Fellow of the European Physical Society
__Scientific Contributions__
*Research activity in the fields of Quantum Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Statistical Mechanics, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 
*Author of more than 330 scientific articles in international refereed journals, in proceedings of international conferences and in volumes 
*Contributed to the study of superfluorescence, optical bistability, nonclassical states of the radiation field, temporal instabilities and spatial pattern formation in nonlinear optical systems, quantum aspects of nonlinear optical systems, quantum imaging