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__Present and Previous Positions__
* 2020,08 - present Director, Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII), University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
* 2020,01 - present Australian Laureate Fellow, UTS 
* 2017,02 - present Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT), UTS
* 2014,02 - present Associate Dean (Research & Development: 2014–16; Research Excellence: 2017–), FEIT, UTS
* 2017,02 - 2020,08 Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI), UTS
* 2011,01 - 2014,01 Head of School of Software, FEIT, UTS
* 2007,12 - 2017,02 Professor, Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), UTS
* 2005,01 - 2007,12 Associate Professor, FIT, UTS
* 2002,01 - 2004,12 Senior Lecturer, FIT, UTS
* 2000,12 - 2001,12 Lecturer, FIT, UTS
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*Sept 2019  Australian Laureate Fellow (elected for the highest-quality world-class researchers by the Australian Research Council (ARC); 17 are awarded annually, covering all fields
*Sept 2019 UTS Chancellor’s Awards for Research Excellence, in recognition of outstanding research contributions; one is awarded annually
*July 2019 Australia’s Most Innovative Engineer Award, an annual program run by Engineers Australia, in recognition of creative and innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges
*Jan 2018 IEEE Fellow for contributions to fuzzy machine learning and decision making; elected by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society for extraordinary accomplishments in an IEEE field of interest
*June 2017 Fellow of International Fuzzy Systems Association for outstanding contributions to fuzzy system field  (elected by IFSA Fellow Committee)
*July 2018 One of two finalists for the prestigious Australian Eureka Prize for Advanced Data Science
*July 2017 One of three finalists for the Australian Eureka Prize for Advanced Data Science
*Aug 2012 FLINS Gold Pin Award (the first FLINS Gold Pin Award was given to the father of fuzzy logic, Prof. L. Zadeh)
*July 2011 Mercator Professor, German Research Foundation, Germany
*Oct 2010 Inaugural UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Research Medal for Excellence in Teaching and Research

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