!!!Jean-Marie Lehn
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__Present and Previous Positions__
*1979 Professor of Chemistry at Collège de France 
*1970 - 1979 Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University 
*1966 - 1970 Teacher at University of Strasbourg 
*1960 - 1966 Scholar at French National Center for Scientific Research 
*1963 PhD at University of Strasbourg
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*ISA Medal for Science 2007
*Austrian Medal for Science and the Arts 2001
*SCI Messel Medal 1998
*Davy Medal 1997
*French Legion of Honor  1996
*Member of Pontifical Academy of Sciences 1996
*Member of Academy of Sciences for the Developing World 1996
*Ettore Majorana-Erice Science for Peace Prize 1994
*Ordre National du Mérite 1993
*Member of Royal Society Foreign Member 1993
*GCS Karl Ziegler Memorial Prize 1989
*French Legion of Honor 1988
*Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1987 
*Member of Royal Society of Chemistry  1987
*Member of European Academy of Sciences 1987
*EGU Alexander von Humboldt Medal 1983
*SCS Philippus Paracelsus Medal 1982
*Gold Medal of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences 1981
*Member of National Academy of Sciences  1980
*Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences  1980
*FCS Berr Prize 1978 
*FCS Adrian Prize 1968

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