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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2011-present Honorary Professor Emeritus, Corvinus University of Budapest
*since 2002 Emeritus Professor, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
*since 2002 Permanent Fellow, Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study, Budapest, 1992-, Emeritus, 2002-
*1992 Allie S. Freed Professor  of Economics
*1967-1993 Research Professor, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
*since 1986 Professor of Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
*1963-1967 Head of Department, Computing Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
*1960-1963 Head of Department, Institute of Textile Industry, Budapest
*1958-1960 Economist, Planning Bureau of Light Industry, Budapest
*1955-1958 Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
*1947-1955 Economic Editor, Newspaper "Szabad Nép", Budapest
*1945-1947 Officer, Hungarian Democratic Youth Association, Budapest
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__Fields of Scholarship__
*Analysis and criticism of the command economies 
*Political Economy of Communism
*New institutional economics
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__Honours and Awards__

*2010 Grand Cross Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary
*2010 Leontief Medal (Russia)
*2009 'The Twenty Year Old Republic' Award, Hungarian Government 
*2008 Lifetime Achievement Award, Hungarian Economic Association
*2007 Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, Commander’s Cross with the Star 
*2005 Prima Primissima Prize (Hungary) 
*2005 Honorary Citizen of Budapest Capital City 
*2002 Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, Commander’s Cross 
*1997 Prize for Advancing the Repute of Hungarians, Hungarian Government
*1997 Officier dans l’Ordre national de la Légion d’Honneur, Republique Francaise
*1997 John von Neumann Medal, awarded by the student body of Rajk László College for Advanced Study, Budapest University of Economics 
*1994 Széchenyi Prize, Republic of Hungary
*1994 Main Prize and Ferenc Deák Prize, Foundation "Pro Renovanda Cultura Hungariae" 
*1992 Erasmus Medal, Academia Europaea
*1983 Alexander von Humboldt Prize, Federal Republic of Germany
*1983 Hungarian State Prize
*1982 F.E. Seidman Distinguished Award in Political Economy, (USA)
*1970, 1974 Academic Award, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
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