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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2009 John Franklin Enders University Professor
*2003 Founding chair of the HMS Department of Systems Biology
*1993-2003 Chair of the new Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School
*1978-1993 Professor, University of California, San Francisco
*1972 Assistant Professor, Princeton University
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Cell biology
*Systems biology
*Cell cycle
*Embryonic development
*Facilitated evolution
__Honours and Awards__
*2004 Dickson Prize for Science, Carnegie Mellon University
*2003 E.B. Wilson Medal, American Society for Cell Biology (the ASCB's highest honor)
*2003 Rabbi Shai Shacknai Memorial Prize in Immunology and Cancer Research, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem
*2001 Gairdner Foundation International Award (Canada)
*2001 William C. Rose Award, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
*1999 Foreign Member of Academia Europaea
*1999 Foreign Member of Royal Society of London
*1996 Public Service Award in American Society for Cell Biology 
*1991 Richard Lounsbery Award
*1990-1991 President of American Society for Cell Biology
*1989 Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
*1989 Member of National Academy of Sciences
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