!!Christopher Kiely - Curriculum Vitae
Harold B. Chambers Senior Professor of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering and Professor of Electron Microscopy and Catalysis, Cardiff Catalysis Institute, School of Chemistry, Cardiff University
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__Professional Preparation:__
*Bristol University,  Chemical Physics  B.Sc (1st Class Honours) 1983\\
*Bristol University, Microstructural Physics  PhD, 1986
*Professor of Catalysis and Electron Microscopy, Cardiff University, UK, Jan 2017 - date\\
*Full Professor, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University, July 2002 - date\\
*Professor of Materials Chemistry, Personal Chair, Liverpool University, UK, 1999 - 2002\\
*Reader, Materials Science and Engineering, Liverpool University, UK, 1997 - 1999\\
*Senior Lecturer, Materials Science and Engineering, Liverpool University, UK, 1997 - 1994\\
*Lecturer, Materials Science and Engineering, Liverpool University, UK, 1989 - 1994\\
*Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, 1986 - 1989
__Research Interests:__\\
The application of advanced transmission and scanning electron microscopy techniques for the study of nanoscale features in particulate materials and interfaces. Specific areas of interest include catalyst materials, nanoparticle synthesis & self-assembly, carbonaceous materials, and heteroepitaxial interface structures. Current microscopy technique development interests include aberration corrected analytical electron microscopy (AC-AEM), STEM XEDS/EELS spectrum imaging, and electron diffraction.\\
__Leadership Roles:__
*Co-Director of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, Cardiff University, UK \\
*Director of the Materials Characterisation Facility, Lehigh University \\
*Director of the Lehigh Microscopy Summer Schools\\
*Council Member and Physical Sciences Director of the Microscopy Society of America\\
*Chairman,  Secretary and Treasurer of the Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group (EMAG) of the Institute of Physics (UK)\\
*Founding member and grantholder of the SuperSTEM project (Daresbury, UK).\\ \\