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__Present and Previous Positions__
*since 2008 Vice-Rector of Moscow State University
*since 1993 Head of the Chair of Polymer Physics and Crystallophysics, Moscow State University
*since 1988 Full Professor, Moscow State University
*1984-1988 Associate Professor, Moscow State University
*1983 Doctor of Science (Habilitation), Moscow State University
*1979-1984 Assistant Professor, Moscow State University
*1979 PhD, Moscow State University
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Polymer science
*Statistical physics of macromolecules
*Physical chemistry of polyelectrolytes and ionomers
*Microphase separation in polymer systems
*Polymer liquid crystals
*Polyelectrolyte responsive gels
*Topological restrictions in polymer systems
*Dynamics of concentrated polymer solutions and melts
*Coil-globule transitions, associating polymers
*Computer simulation of polymer systems
*Biomimetic polymers
*Proton-conducting polymer membranes
__Honours and Awards__
*1982 USSR Prize in Physics for Young Scientists 
*1992 Humboldt Research Award (Germany)
*since 2000 Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences (1990-2000 Member-Correspondent)
*since 2000 Member of Academia Europaea
*2002-2004 Wolfgang Paul Research Award by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 
*2005 Lomonosov Prize for Pedagogical Achievements
*2005 Polymer Technology Netherlands Award
*2007 Russian Federation National Award for Science and Technology
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