!!Fred Carlsson - Curriculum Vitae
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*Student matriculation, Åbo Svenska Samskola, 1964
*Master of Philosophy (filosofie kandidat), Åbo Akademi University 1969 (major: Finnish, phonetics)
*Licentiate of Philosophy (filosofian lisensiaatti), University of Turku, 1970 (phonetics)
*Master of Arts, University of Chicago, 1972 (linguistics)
*Doctor of Philosophy, University of Turku, 1974 (phonetics)
__Positions held__

*Assistant of phonetics, University of Jyväskylä, 1969
*Acting professor of phonetics (45%), Turun yliopisto, January - May 1973
*Docent of general linguistics, University of Turku, 1975-1979
*Assistant professor of general linguistics, University of Turku, 1979-1980
*Leader of the Research Unit for Computational Linguistics (from 1994 called The Research Unit for Multilingual Language Technology), University of Helsinki (Center of Excellence sponsored by the Academy of Finland and the University of Helsinki), 1985-1999
__Duties as scholarly expert__
*Member of the Board of the Network of Finnish University Language Centres, 1978-1980
*Member of the Council for Instruction of Finnish for Foreigners, Ministry of Education, 1978-1985
*Member of the Editorial Boards of: Linguistic Abstracts 1991-1999, Journal of Natural Language Engineering 1996-2001, Speech and Language (2002-), SKY Journal of Linguistics (2002-), Deaf Studies in Finland (2003-)
*Member of the Steering Group of the Degree Reform Project in the Humanities, Finland, 1975-1979
*Leader of the Graduate School Programme “Linguistic meaning and its processing”, 1995-1998
*Chairman of the National Board for the Romani Language, 2001-2008
*Referee for professorial appointments (in general linguistics, applied linguistics, computational linguistics, linguistic computing, cognitive science, information science, Finnish, Swedish, and Sign Language; in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, UK, US, and Germany)
*Member of the Expert Group on Research Infrastructures, Academy of Finland, 2004-2006
*Member of the Expert Group “Blueprint for the European Research Laboratory for the Humanities and Social Sciences (EROHS)”, European Union, 2003-2005
*E. A. Saarimaa’s Prize, 1970, awarded by the journal Virittäjä
*The Finnish Society of Information Technology Prize for an Outstanding Achievement in Information Technology, 1988 (“Vuoden 1988 ATK-työ”)
*Oskar Öflund Foundation: Prize of Honour, 1988
*Societas Scientiarum Fennica: E. J. Nyström’s Prize, 1996, for outstanding work in computational linguistics
__Business experience__
*Founding owner (together with Kimmo Koskenniemi) of Lingsoft, Inc., 1987-2002
*Vice-Chairman of the Board of Lingsoft, Inc., 1992-2002
*Member of the Board of SEEDCAP II, KY, Helsinki, 2006- (representing the University of Helsinki)
*Member of the Board of WebALT Inc., Helsinki, 2006- (representing the University of Helsinki)