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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2008 - present Full professor of Physics, University of Groningen
*2004 - 2008 Adjunct professor of Physics, University of Groningen
*2000 - 2004 Associate professor of Physics, University of Groningen
*2001 Visiting professor at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA
*1993 - 2000 Assistant professor of physics, University of Groningen
*1989 - 1992 Research Scientist, Free University of Amsterdam
*1986 - 1989 Research associate (post-doc), NIKHEF, Amsterdam
*1983 - 1986 Research assistant (PhD student), MIT, Cambridge, USA
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Nuclear structure and reactions using electron scattering
* Few-body physics 
* Hadron Physics
* Multi-particle detection within a large solid angle
* Nuclear reactions at low-momentum transfers
* Utilising radioactive ions for nuclear structure studies
* Using storage rings for nuclear structure studies
* Detector developments at Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)
* Monte-Carlo simulations for large detection systems
* Developing analysis techniques for various experiments
__Honours and Awards__
*1981 Salisbury undergraduate award
*Since 2013 Fellow, American Physical Society 
*Since 2014 Member of Merit, Netherlands Physical Society 
*2016 GENCO (GSI Exotic Nuclei Community) membership award for outstanding contributions to reaction experiments with relativistic stored radioactive beams for the study of collective modes

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