!!John Irvine - Curriculum Vitae
*1986  DPhil “Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide”, School of Physical Sciences, University of Ulster, UK\\
*1981 BSc Hons in Chemical Physics, Chemistry and Physics Departments, University of Edinburgh, UK
*2022 Chairman 20th International Symposium on the Reactivity of Solids, St Andrews\\
*2014 - 2015 Chairman: Solid Oxide Electrolysis: Fuels and Feedstocks from water and air: Faraday Discussion, 13-15 July 2015, York, UK\\
*2010  Chairman. European Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Forum. Lucerne, Switzerland\\
*2006 Chairman, Solid State Proton Conductors 13, University of St Andrews, UK
*2018 - 2021 Editor in Chief for Journal of Physics Energy \\
*Member of Editorial Boards for:  Scientific Reports, Advanced Energy Materials, Ionics.\\
*2015 - 2023 European Councillor. International Society for Solid State Ionics\\
*2013 - 2017 Member Royal Society of Edinburgh International Committee\\
*2013- Advisor Commonwealth Scholarships Commission \\
*2013 Advisor Carnegie Trust\\
*2012 -  Co-Director, Hydrogen Fuel Cells SUPERGEN Hub, UK\\
*2008 Stationary Fuel Cells Strategic Research Agenda Working Group Leader. European  Commission Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform\\
*2006 - International Advisory Board European Fuel Cell Forum\\
*2006 - 2013 Chairman, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association, UK\\
*2005 - 2010 Member of FREDS working group on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for Scottish Government\\
*2005  Co-authored DTI/IOM Materials Foresight Report on Fuel Cells "Fuelling a Greener Economy"\\
*2005 - 2009 European Councillor. International Society for Solid State Ionics\\
*2004 - Solid State Proton Conductors Board Member\\
*2001 - 2005 Chairman European Science Foundation. Optimisation of Solid State Electrochemical   Processes
*CH1301- The Impact of Chemistry\\
*CH5715 - Energy Conversion & Storage\\
*CH5716 - Processing of Materials \\
*Established and coordinated MSci in Materials Science at St Andrews now Materials Chemistry MChem\\
*Co-established first 5-year MSci joint Chemistry and Physics degree in UK\\
*External examiner MSc in Materials Engineering at Napier University 2001 - 2006\\
*External examiner MSc in Hydrogen safety at Ulster University 2011 - 2015\\ \\