!!Peter Illes - Major Publications

In total 207 original publications and 97 reviews/book chapters.
Total citations: ~6000; H-index=46; anticipated citations in 2011= about
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Oliveira, J.F., Riedel, T., Leichsenring, A., Heine, C., Franke, H., Krügel,
U., Nörenberg, W., and Illes, P.:\\ 
Rodent cortical astroglia express in situ functional P2X7 receptors sensing pathologically high
ATP concentrations.\\ 
Cerebral Cortex, 21: 806-820, 2011 (IF: 6.979).
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Bodnar, M., Wang, H., Riedel, T. Hintze, S., Kato, E., Fallah, G, Gröger-Arndt,
H., Giniatullin, R., Grohmann, M., Hausmann, R., Schmalzing, G., Illes, P., and Rubini, P.:\\ 
Amino acid residues contituting the agonist binding site of the human P2X3
J. Biol. Chem., 286: 2739-2749, 2011 (5.328).
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Nörenberg, W., Schunk, J., Fischer, W., Sobottka, W., Riedel, T., Oliveira,
J.F., Franke, H., and Illes. P.: \\
Electrophysiological classification of P2X7 receptors in cultured rat neocotrical astrocytes.\\
Br. J. Pharmacol., 160: 1941-1952, 2010 (IF: 5,204).
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Stanchev, D., Blosa, M., Milius, D., Gerevich, Z., Rubini, P., Schmalzing,
G., Eschrich, K., Illes, P., and Wirkner, K.:\\ 
Cross-inhibition between native and recombinant P2X3 and TRPV1 receptors. \\
Pain, 143:26-36, 2009 (IF: 5.371).
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Szasz, B.K., Mike, A., Karoly, R., Gerevich, Z., Illes, P., Vizi, E.S.
and Kiss, J.P.:\\ 
Direct inhibitory effect of fluoxetine on
N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors in the central nervous system.\\ 
Biol Psychiatry, 62: 1303-1309, 2007 (IF: 8.926).
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Gerevich, Z., Zadori, Z., Köles, L., Kopp, L., Milius, D., Wirkner, K.,
Gyires, K., and Illes, P.:\\
Dual effect of acid pH on purinergic
P2X3 receptors depends on the histidine-206 residue. J. Biol. Chem.,
282: 33949-33957, 2007 (5.328).
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Wirkner, K., Günther, A., Weber, M., Guzman, J.S., Krause T, Fuchs, J.,
Köles, L., Nörenberg, W., Franke, H., and Illes, P.:\\
Modulation of NMDA receptor current in layer V pyramidal neurons of
the rat prefrontal cortex by P2Y receptor activation.\\
Cereb. Cortex 17: 621-631, 2007 (IF: 6.979).
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Wirkner, K., Sperlagh, B. and Illes, P.:\\
P2X3 receptor involvement in pain states. \\
Mol. Neurobiol., 36: 165-183, 2007 (IF: 4.735).
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Sperlagh, B., Vizi, E.S., Wirkner, K. and Illes, P. \\
P2X7 receptors in the nervous system.\\
Progr. Neurobiol., 78: 327-346, 2006
(IF: 9.140).
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__Highest impact factor publications:__
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Illes, P. and Regenold, J.T.:\\ 
Interaction between neuropeptide Y and noradrenaline on central catecholamine neurons.\\
Nature, 344: 62-63, 1990 (IF: 34.480).
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Chizh, B.A. and Illes, P.:\\ 
P2X receptors and nociception. 
\\Pharmacol. Rev., 53: 553-568, 2001 (IF: 17.00).

__Best cited book:__

P. Illes and H. Zimmermann (Eds.):\\
Nucleotides and their receptors in the nervous system. \\
Progress in Brain Research, Vol. 120 (Elsevier)
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