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__Present and Previous Positions__
*1991 Professor emeritus, Unpaid member of the staff, MSE, KTH 
*1961 - 1990 Professor of Physical Metallurgy, KTH (Royal Inst. Technology) Stockholm
*1948 - 1961 Swedish Inst Metals Research
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Phase transformations in steels
*Diffusional phase transformations
*Solidification of alloys
*Thermodynamic properties of alloys
*Thermodynamic modelling of phases
*Application of thermodynamics to phase transformations
*Principles of phase diagrams
__Honours and Awards__

''Awards: ''
*R.F. Mehl medalist (Met. Soc. AIME)
*Bakhuis Roozeboom Gold Medal (Royal Acad. Netherland)
*Acta Metallurgica Gold Medal
*Murakami Gold Medal (Japan)
*Brinell Gold Medal (IVA, Sweden)
*Rinman Gold Medal (Jernkontoret, Sweden)
*Tawara Gold Medal (Iron Steel Inst. Japan)
*Wallmark award (KVA, Sweden)
*Björkén award (Uppsala University, Sweden)
*KTH Stora Pris (Royal Inst. Technology, Sweden)
*Hume Rothery Prize (Inst. of Metals, London)
*William Hume-Rothery Award (TMS, Warrendale, PA)
*Staudinger-Durrer Medal (ETH Zürich 2001)

''Societies: ''                            
*Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (Sweden)
*Fellow of Royal Acad. Sciences (Sweden)
*Honorary Member of Japan Inst. Metals 1990
*Honorary Member of Japan Inst Iron Steel Inst 1990
*Fellow of ASM International
*Fellow of Met. Soc. AIME (TMS)
*Member of Academia Europaea
*External Member of Max Planck Society (Germany)
*Foreign Associate, National Academy of Engineering (USA)
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