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__Present and Previous Positions__
*1992 Professor in Molecular Cell Biology at the Medical Faculty of Uppsala University
*1986 - 2017 Director, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Uppsala Branch)
*1984 - 1985 Senior Scientist of the Swedish Cancer Society
*1981 - 1983 Cancer Research Scholarship from the Swedish Cancer Society
*1981 Lecturer at Dept of Medical and Physiological Chemistry
*1980 Research Assistant at Dept of Medical and Physiological Chemistry
*1975 - 1980 Graduate student scholarship at Dept of Medical and Physiological Chemistry combined with a part time teaching position 
*1972 - 1974 Part time teaching positions at Depts. of Anatomy, Medical and Physiological Chemistry, and Physiology 
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*1989 Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization
*1991 Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Med. Class
*1995 Member of the Royal Scientific Society (Uppsala)
*1999 Member of the Academia Europea
*2002 Member of the Japanese Association for Cancer Research
*2006 Member of the Finnish Scientific Society.
*2006 Member of the Scan Balt Academy
*2007 Member of the Hellenic Biochemical Society
*2009 Member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters
*2009 Member of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences
*2009 Doctor honoris causa University of Patras, Greece
*2010 Doctor honoris causa University of Helsinki, Finland
*2011 Doctor honoris causa University of Turku, Finland
*2011 Doctor honoris causa University of Heidelberg, Germany
*1984 The The Svedberg Prize, the Swedish Biochemical Society
*1984 King Oscar II:s Prize, Univ. of Uppsala (shared with K. Söderhäll)
*1984 The Alvarenga Prize, Swedish Medical Society (shared with B. Westermark)
*1984 The Thureus Prize, Royal Society of Sciences (Uppsala)
*1986 Anders Jahre's Medical Prize for Younger Scientists, Univ. of Oslo (with B. Gustafsson)
*1989 Prix Antoine Lacassagne, French Nat. Org. against Cancer (shared with D. Gospodarowicz)
*1989 K. Fernström's Medical Prize for Young Swedish Scientists, Med. Faculty of Uppsala Univ
*1990 The Jubilee Prize, Swedish Medical Society (shared with B. Westermark)
*1992 The EMBO Medal, EMBO Council
*1993 K. Fernström's Large Medical Prize for Nordic Scientists, Lund Univ. (with B. Westermark)
*1999 Meyenburg Prize, German Cancer Center, Heidelberg
*2002 Pezcoller-AACR Award, Pezcoller Foundation and American Ass. for Cancer Research
*2003 Rudbeck Award, Medical Society in Uppsala
*2006 K.-J. Öbrink Lecture, Uppsala Univ
*2011 The Rudbeck Medal, Uppsala Univ
*2011 The Berzelius Medal, Swedish Medical Society
*2012 Honorary Medal of the Signal Transduction Society
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