!!Gunnar von Heijne - Curriculum vitae
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__Family name:__ von Heijne\\
__Given names:__ Nils Gunnar Hansson\\
__Birth date:__ 10 June 1951\\
__Birth place:__ Gothenburg, Sweden\\
__Citizenship:__ Swedish\\
*Master of Science (chemistry) Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 16 January 1975\\
*Ph.D. (theoretical physics) Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 6 February 1980\\
*Docent (theoretical biophysics) Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 16 March 1983\\
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__Professional positions__
*Assistent (teacher) at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Royal Institute of Technology from July 1975 through June 1980
*Postdoc, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor from July 1980 to July 1981.
*Assistant Professor (Research grant NFR - "Biomolecular structure-function relationships") from July 1981 (half-time from January 1982 through June 1985) through December, 1988
*Science correspondent for the Swedish National Radio (half-time) from January 1982 through June 1985
*Visiting Professor, Molecular Biology Institute, UCLA, January through June 1987
*Associate Professor (Särskild forskartjänst, NFR) in Theoretical Molecular Biology, January 1989-June 1994
*Visiting Professor, Protein Engineering Research Institute, Osaka, Japan, August through October 1990
*Group Leader, Karolinska Institute Center for Structural Biochemistry, NOVUM, Huddinge, October 1991-June 1994
*Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, Stockholm University, July 1994-present
*Director of Stockholm Bioinformatics Center, November 2000 – February 2006
*Director of the Center for Biomembrane Research, March 2006 - present
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~290 original articles and reviews
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__Scientific work__
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Has worked mainly on problems related to protein sorting and membrane protein biogenesis and structure. The work includes both bioinformatics methods development (e.g. methods for prediction of signal peptides and other sorting signals as well as prediction of membrane protein topology) and experimental studies in ''E. coli'' and eukaryotic systems. 
\\ \\
The most important achievements include the discovery and experimental validation of the so-called “(-1,-3)-rule” (describes signal peptide cleavage sites; EJB 133:17, JMB 184:99) and the “positive inside” rule (describes membrane protein topology; EMBO J 5:3021, Nature 341:456, Cell 62:1135, Cell 77:401), the development of widely used prediction methods (e.g., TopPred, SignalP, TargetP, TMHMM; JMB 225:487, Prot.Engineer. 10:1, JMB 300:1005, JMB 305:567, JMB 327:735, JMB 340:783, PNAS 105:7177), the first proteome-wide theoretical and experimental studies of membrane protein topology in E. coli and S. cerevisiae (Protein Sci. 7:1029, Science 308:1321, JMB 35:489, PNAS 103:11142), the first quantitative analysis of the energetics of membrane protein assembly in vivo (Nature 433:377, Science 307:1427, Nature 450:1026, PNAS 106:11588), and recent theoretical and experimental studies of so-called dual-topology membrane proteins and their role in the evolution of membrane protein structure (Nature Struct.Mol.Biol. 13:112, Science 315:1282). 
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Altogether, the cumulated work has been cited ~38.000 times (Web of Science), yielding an h-index = 75. Present in the ISI Highly Cited database.
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__Expert Committees (Sakkunniguppdrag)__
\\ \\
*Faculty examiner (Fakultetsopponent)
*Tommy Nilsson, Uppsala University, 1990
*Siv Andersson, Uppsala University, 1990
*Harald Stenmark, Oslo University, 1991
*Maria Sandkvist, Umeå University, 1992
*Ron Kusters, Utrecht University, 1992
*Marjo Simonen, University of Helsinki, 1994
*Tracy Elizabeth Chantson, University of Witwatersrand, 1998
*Malin Persson, Linköping University, 1998
*Magnus Larsson, Royal Institute of Technology, 1999
*Pål Puntervoll, University of Bergen, 2001
*Ramneek Gupta, Technical University of Denmark, 2001
*Christine Toutain, Université Paris-Sud, 2001
*Per Thorén, Chalmers University of Technology, 2003
*Charlotta Agaton, Royal Institute of Technology, 2003
*Jhansi Kota, Karolinska Institutet, 2007
__Referee for academic appointments (Tjänstetillsättningar)__
*Assistant professorship (Forskarassistent) in “Protein Engineering”, Uppsala University, 1992
*Associate professorship (Högskolelektor) in “Macromolecular Chemistry”, University of Lund, 1992
*Professorship in Biochemistry, Oslo University, 1993
*Professorship in Molecular Biotechnology, Linköping University, 1999
*Professorship in Bioinformatics, Skövde University College, 2001
*Professorship in Theoretical Chemistry, Lund University, 2002
*Two professorships in Quantitative Systems Biology, Chalmers University of Technology, 2006
__Other science-related activities__
*Popular-science writing and articles on science policy in major newspapers, magazines, and on Swedish radio. During my time as a producer with the Swedish National Radio, I produced and presented some 50 popular science programs.
*Co-author of a book on "the new biology" and its social implications (von Heijne & Israel: "Skapelsens Herre eller Genernas Slav", Ordfront, 1985).
*Consultant for the Nobel Committee for Chemistry (1989 and 1994) and for the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine (1995).
*Participant in the exhibition “Gen Etik”, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 1991.
*Member of Statens Kulturråds Fackbokskommitté (an agency that distributes government subsidies to science-related books), 1991-1995
*Member of the Chemistry Committee (PuK) of the Swedish Natural Sciences Research Council, 1992-1998
*Chairman of the Information Committee (IK) of the Swedish Natural Sciences Research Council, 1996-1999
*Member of the Committee for Molecular Biology (KOMBI; an inter-agency committe set up to coordinate the support for molecular biology from the various Swedish research councils), 1992-1999
*Secretary of the National Committe for Molecular Biology of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1994-1999
*Member of the expert group on “General Bioscience” within the Foundation for Strategic Research, 1994-1996
*Member & chairman of the Bioscience Group within the Foundation for Strategic Research, 1996-1999
*Member of the Steering Committee for the Swedish EMBnet node 1995-1999
*Member of the Editorial Board of Molecular Membrane Biology, 1993-
*Editor FEBS Letters, 1994-2003
*Member of the Editorial Board of EMBO Journal, 1996-1998
*Member of the Advisory Board of European Journal of Biochemistry, 1996-
*Member of the Advisory Board of BBA Reviews on Biomembranes, 1996-
*Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Molecular Biology, 1997-
*Member of the board of the Center for Parallel Computing, KTH, 1998-
*Member of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry 1998- (Chairman 2007- )
*Member of International Review Board for the Max Delbrück Center, Berlin, 1998
*Member of the board of the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory, 1999-
*Member of the board of the International Society for Computational Biology, 1999-2002
*Vice chairman of the Department of Biochemistry, Stockholm University, 1999 - 
*Member of International Review Board for the Biotechnology Program of the Norwegian Research Council, Oslo, 2000
*Member of International Review Board for the Genomics Program of the Helmholz Foundation, Bonn, 2000
*Member of the European Science Foundation working group on Proteomics, 2000
*Swedish representative in the EU-COST program “Protein-Lipid Interactions”, 2000 - present.
*Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Callistogen AG, 2000 - present.
*Member of the EMBO Young Investigator Programme Selection Committee, 2001 -  2003.
*‘Science advisor’ for the weekly journal ‘Dagens Forskning’, 2001 – 2003.
*Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee, Applied Bioinformatics Unit, Bergen University, 2002 – present.
*Member of the Review Board for the Structural and Computational Biology Unit, EMBL, Heidelberg, 2002.
*Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of BioCity Turku, 2003-2009.
*Member of “Forskarkollegiet”, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, 2003-present.
*Member of the EMBO Council, 2004-present.
*Member of the Review Committee for the Chalmers Bioscience Effort, March 2004.
*Member of the Bioinformatics Advisory Committee, European Bioinformatics Institute, 2004 – present.
*Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the FP6 Interaction Proteome project 2004 – present.
*Member of the Advisory Panel for the FP6 European Membrane Protein (E-MeP) Consortium 2004 – present.
*Member of the Review Committee for the Department of Biochemistry, University of Zurich, January 2005.
*Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, New York Consortium on Membrane Protein Structure, 2005 – 
*Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Neuroscience Research Center, University of Aarhus, 2005 – 
*Member of the Editorial Board of Biological Chemistry, 2005 – 2008
*Scientific Advisor, Scientific Computing Ltd., Espoo, Finland, 2006 – 2008
*Member of the Review Board for the Structural and Computational Biology Unit, EMBL, Heidelberg, 2006.
*Member of the UniProt Database Scientific Advisory Board, 2006 – 
*Member of the International Science Advisory Board, Institut Pasteur, 2006 –
*Chairman of the Biotechnolology Section, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, 2005-2008
*Member of the board of the Hagberg Foundation, 2005-
*Member of the Board of Directors, Xbrane Bioscience AB, 2008-
*Member of the International Advisory Committee, the Solvay Institutes, 2008-2014.
*Member of the Gordon Research Conferences Council, 2009- 2011.
*Member of the Editorial Committee Annual Reviews of Biochemistry, 2010-2014.
*Post-doctoral scholarship (NFR) at the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Michigan *Medical School, Ann Arbor from July 1980 through June 1981
*Scholarship from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation for research at the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, February through April 1984
*Scholarship from the Sweden-America Foundation for research at the Department of Biological Chemistry, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, January through June 1987
__Awards and honors__
*The T. Svedberg Award, The Swedish Biochemical Society, 1990
*Elected EMBO member, 1994
*The Göran Gustafsson Prize, The Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1995
*The Arrhenius Medal, The Swedish Chemical Society, 1997
*Elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1997
*Elected member of the Academia Europaea, 1998
*The Björkén Prize, Uppsala University, 1998
*Elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, 2000
*EMBL Distinguished Visitor Lecturer, 2002
*“Excellence” Award, the Swedish Research Council, 2002
*The George W. Raiziz Biochemical Rounds Lecture, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2004
*EMBO Lecture, Danish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2006
*“Friday Lecturer”, Rockefeller University, 2007
*Kroc Lecturer, MIT, 2008
*Honorary Doctorate, Åbo Akademi, 2008
*The van Deenen Medal, Utrecht University, 2009
__Supervised Ph.D. theses__
*Ylva Gavel, 1991 (Royal Institute of Technology, together with Prof. Clas Blomberg)
*Helena Andersson, 1993 (Karolinska Institute)
*Wim van Klompenburg, 1997 (Utrecht University, Promotor together with Prof. Ben de Kruijff)
*Henrik Nielsen, 1999 (Stockholm University)
*Annika Sääf, 1999 (Stockholm University)
*Erik Wallin, 1999 (Stockholm University)
*IngMarie Nilsson, 1999 (Karolinska Institute)
*Marie Johansson, 1999 (Stockholm University)
*Magnus Monné, 2001 (Stockholm University)
*Olof Emanuelsson, 2003 (Stockholm University)
*Marika Cassel, 2005 (Stockholm University)
*Tara Hessa, 2006 (Stockholm University)
*Mikaela Rapp, 2006  (Stockholm University)
*Karin Melén, 2007 (Stockholm University)
*Andreas Bernsel, 2008 (Stockholm University)
*Carolina Boekel, 2009 (co-supervisor IngMarie Nilsson, Stockholm University)
__Scientific meetings__
*Summer School on Biophysical and Biochemical Approaches in Molecular Biology. Jablonna, Poland, September 1977
*EMBO Workshop on Accuracy. Grignon, France, September 1978
*Workshop on "Statistical Methods Applied to Protein Structure" (invited lecture). Pont-a-Mousson, France, October 1978
*Cold Spring Harbor "Membrane Biogenesis Meeting" (invited lecture). Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, May 1979
*Biochemical Society Meeting No. 592 "Mobility and Migration of Biological Molecules" (invited lecture). London, England, December 1980
*EMBO Workshop on "Pattern Analysis in Nucleic Acid and Protein Sequences". Saint-Agnan, France, October 1981
*The Darwin Centenary Conference. Cambridge, England, June 1982
*Special Biophysics Course on "Analysis of Protein Conformation" (two invited lectures). University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, May 1983
*FEBS Advanced Course on "Mathematical Modeling of Cellular Processes" (invited lecture). Elbingerode, GDR, October 1984
*Special FEBS Meeting "Metal Ions, Proteins and Membranes" (invited lecture). Algarve, Portugal, April 1985
*Gordon Conference "Molecular Membrane Biology" (invited lecture). Proctor Academy, New Hampshire, July 1985.
*Gordon Conference "Theoretical Biology and Biomathematics" (invited lecture). Tilton School, New Hampshire, June 1986
*8th European Transformation Meeting on Genetic Exchange (invited lecture). Uppsala, Sweden, August 1986
*17th FEBS Meeting (invited lecture). Berlin (West), FRG, August 1986
*Aspen Workshop on "Molecular Interactions in Membranes" (invited lecture). Aspen, Colorado, September 1986
*Symposium "The Central Dogma, 30 Years After" (invited lecture). University of Rochester, New York, January 1987
*Symposium "Genetics of Regulation and Protein Export" (invited lecture), Woods Hole, Massachussetts, March 1987
*NATO Advanced Study Institute "New Perspectives in the Assembly of Biomembranes" (two invited lectures). Cargèse, Corsica, August 1987
*IUB 14th International Congress of Biochemistry (invited lecture), Prague, Czechoslovakia, July 1988
*Joint Meeting of the Swedish and Dutch Biophysical Societies "Molecular Biophysics" (invited lecture), Lunteren, The Netherlands, October 1988
*FEBS Advanced Course "Protein-Lipid Interactions and Molecular Aspects of Protein Insertion and Translocation in Membranes" (invited lecture). Utrecht, The Netherlands, January 1989
*BioScience 89 (invited lecture). Malmö, Sweden, April 1989
*Bioscience Days 1989 (invited lecture). Helsinki, Finland, May 1989.
*Gordon Conference "Molecular Membrane Biology". Proctor Academy, New Hampshire, July 1989.
*8th International Congress on Photosythesis (invited lecture). Stockholm, Sweden, August 1989.
*"Molecular Models, Origins and Evolution of Photosynthesis", satellite meeting to the 8th International Congress of Photosynthesis (invited lecture). Stockholm, Sweden, August 1989.
*Sonderforschungsbereich Colloquium "Components and Mechanisms of Intracellular Protein Transport" (invited lecture). Munich, FRG, September, 1989.
*NATO-FEBS Meeting "Plant Molecular Biology" (invited lecture). Munich, FRG, May 1990.
*3rd International CBT Symposium on “Intracellular Routing of Protein Molecules” (organizer). Stockholm, Sweden, May 1990.
*8th International Conference on "Methods in Protein Sequence Analysis" (invited lecture). Kiruna, Sweden, July 1990.
*Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society (invited lecture). Osaka, Japan, September 1990.
*Population Genetics Group Meeting (invited lecture). Manchester, UK, January 1991.
*Joint Meeting of the German Microbiological Societies (invited lecture). Freiburg, FRG, March 1991.
*1st European Research Conference on “The Molecular Basis of Membrane Protein Structure and Function” (vice chairman, invited lecture). Acqua fredda di Maratea, Italy, April 1991.
*Joint Meeting of the Swedish and Dutch Biophysical Societies (invited lecture). Göteborg, Sweden, June 1991.
*Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Plant Physiology (invited lecture). Ulvik, Norway, August 1991.
*CBT/CSB Summer School “Understanding Protein Structure” (organizer). Stockholm, Sweden, August 1991.
*12th International Long Ashton International Symposium on “Transport and Receptor Proteins of Plant Membranes: Molecular Structure and Function” (invited lecture). Bristol, UK, September 1991.
*Naito Foundation Conference “Protein Translocation in the Cell” (invited lecture). Nagoya, Japan, October 1991.
*ASBMB/Biophysical Society Joint Meeting (invited lecture). Houston, Texas, February 1992.
*25th Jerusalem Symposium in Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry “Membrane Proteins: Structures, Interactions and Models” (invited lecture). Jerusalem, Israel, May 1992.
*BMC Summer School “PCR-Assisted Methods in DNA Analysis and Molecular Diagnosis” (invited lecture). Uppsala, Sweden, June 1992.
*ISI Workshop “Biological Sequences: Finding Structure and Function by Neural Networks” (invited lecture). Turin, Italy, July 1992.
*EMBO/INSERM Parctical Course “Current Methods in Membrane Protein Research” (invited lecture). Le Vésinet, France, July 1992.
*NATO Advanced Study Institute “Molecular Mechanisms of Receptor Function” (invited lecture). Spetsai, Greece, August 1992.
*CSB Summer School “Understanding Protein Folding” (organizer). Stockholm, Sweden, August 1992.
*Linderstrøm-Lang Conference “Membrane Traffic and Protein Translocation” (invited lecture). Oslo, Norway, September 1992.
*ESF Workshop “Bacterial Transport Proteins and Protein Transport” (invited lecture). Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands, September 1992.
*SERC 1992 Annual Workshop “Molecular Basis of Biological Membrane Function” (invited lecture). Birmingham, UK, September 1992.
*Biochemical Society Conference “Membrane Structure” (invited lecture). Glasgow, UK, September 1992.
*ESF Symposium “Protein Targeting to Mitochondria” (invited lecture). Munich, FRG, October, 1992.
*2nd European Research Conference on “The Molecular Basis of Membrane Protein Structure and Function” (organizer/chairman). Acqua fredda di Maratea, Italy, April 1993.
*NATO Advanced Study Institute “Structure, Biogenesis and Dynamics of Biological Membranes” (two invited lectures). Cargèse, Corsica, June 1993.
*CNRS Conference Jaques Monod “Protein-protein Interactions in the Photosynthetic Apparatus” (invited lecture). Aussois, France, June 1993.
*22nd FEBS Meeting (invited lecture). Stockholm, Sweden, July 1993.
*NATO Advanced Study Institute “The Biophysics of the Cell Membrane” (three invited lectures). Vancouver, Canada, August 1993.
*International Symposium on Cellular and Molecular Biology of Phosphate and Phosphorylated Compounds in Microorganisms (invited lecture). Woods Hole, USA, September 1993.
*Minisymposium “Swedish Theoretical Chemistry -93” (invited lecture). Lund, Sweden, October 1993.
*BioCity Symposium “Molecular Recognition in Biology” (invited lecture). Åbo, Finland, December 1993.
*Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Biochemical Society (invited plenary lecture). Beito, Norway, January 1994.
*Workshop “Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modelling in Pharmaceutical Research” (invited lecture). Lund, Sweden, March 1994.
*Workshop on “Membranes: Theory, Simulation, Experiment”. Monte Verita, Switzerland, April 1994.
*NOMBA Symposium “Control of Gene Expression” (invited lecture). Fulgsø, Denmark, May 1994.
*FEBS Special Meeting on Biological Membranes (invited lecture). Helsinki, Finland, June 1994.
*16th IUBMB Congress (invited lecture). New Delhi, India, September 1994.
*2nd symposium on “Distance-Based Approaches to Protein Structure Determination” (invited lecture). Copenhagen, Denmark, November 1994.
*5th KVCV Symposium on “Expression and Secretion” (invited lecture). Leuven, Belgium, February 1995.
*3rd European Research Conference on “The Molecular Basis of Membrane Protein Structure and Function” (invited lecture). Seeheim, FRG, April 1995.
*1st European Symposium of the Protein Society (invited lecture). Davos, Switzerland, May 1995.
*Biochemical Society Meeting on “Membrane Protein Insertion” (invited lecture). Manchester, UK, July 1995.
*CSB Summer School “Understanding Membrane Proteins” (invited lecture). Huddinge, Sweden, August, 1995.
*23rd FEBS Meeting (invited lecture). Basel, Switzerland, August 1995.
*Endocytobiology VI Congress (invited lecture). Tübingen, FRG, September 1995.
*Swedish and British Biophysical Societies meeting on “Molecular Recognition and Signalling” (invited lecture). Bath, UK, December 1995.
*INPEC 1996 Meeting (invited lecture). Melbourne, Australia, February 1996.
*21st Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function (invited lecture). Lorne, Australia, February 1996.
*ASM Meeting 1996 (invited lecture) New Orleans, USA, May 1996.
*EMBO Practical Course “Current Methods in Membrane Protein Research” (invited lecture). Heidelberg, FRG, June 1996.
*24th FEBS Meeting (invited lecture). Barcelona, Spain, July 1996.
*12th International Biophysics Congress (invited lecture). Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 1996.
*11th International Conference on Proteolysis and Protein Turnover (invited lecture). Turku, Finland, September 1996.
*1st Cell Biology Symposium of the MDC “Protein Transport and Stability” (invited lecture). Berlin, FRG, September 1996.
*5th European Gastroenterology Week (invited lecture). Paris, France, November 1996.
*Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Biochemical Society (invited plenary lecture). Lillehammer, Norway, January 1997.
*INPEC 1997 Meeting (invited lecture). Lillehammer, Norway, January 1997.
*Keystone Symposia “Protein Folding, Modification, and Transport in the Early Secretory Pathway” (invited lecture). Taos, USA, March 1997.
*Winter School “Protein Folding” (invited lecture). Storlien, Sweden, April 1997.
*4th European Research Conference on “The Molecular Basis of Membrane Protein Structure and Function” (invited lecture). Albufeira, Portugal, April 1997.
*18th Rauischholzhausen Symposium “Intracellular Protein Transport, Exo- and Endocytosis” (invited lecture). Marburg, FRG, May 1997.
*ASTRA Symposium “Ion Motive ATPases” (invited lecture). Gothenburg, Sweden, August 1997.
*4th Sweden-German Photosynthesis meeting (invited lecture). Vilm, FRG, September 1997.
*1st European Research Conference on “Protein Targeting” (invited lecture, vice chairman). Albufeira, Portugal, October 1997.
*Conference of the German Society for Cell Biology (invited lecture). Saarbrücken, FRG, March 1998.
*Fundacion Juan March workshop “Membrane protein insertion, folding and dynamics” (invited lecture). Madrid, Spain, March 1998.
*EMBO Practical Course “Current Methods in Membrane Protein Research” (invited lecture). Heidelberg, FRG, June 1998.
*Summer School in Physics of Molecular Biology (invited lecture). Kogerup, Denmark, August 1998.
*International Conference “Genes, Proteins & Computers V” (invited lecture). York, UK, September 1998.
*EMBO Workshop “Talking Proteins: Sequence Analysis” (invited lecture). Heidelberg, FRG, September 1998.
*GCB 98 “Computer Science and Biology (invited lecture). Cologne, FRG, October, 1998.
*ASBMB Fall Symposium “Membrane Biogenesis” (invited lecture). Lake Tahoe, USA, October 1998.
*EMBO Practical Course “Membrane Lipids: Organization, Dynamics and Interactions with Proteins” (invited lecture). Utrecht, Holland, November 1998.
*Conference on “Molecular Genetics of Microbial Systems” (invited lecture). Amalfi, Italy, April 1999.
*NATO Advanced Study Institute “Protein, Lipid and Membrane Traffic: Pathways and Targeting” (two invited lectures). Cargèse, Corsica, June 1999.
*26th FEBS Meeting (invited lecture). Nice, France, June 1999.
*INSERM Workshop “Innovative Methods for the Structural Study of Membrane Proteins” (invited lecture). Paris, France, June 1999.
*2nd FASEB Conference on Transport ATPases (invited lecture). Snowmass, USA, July 1999.
*HUGO Workshop “Functional Annotation in Genomes” (invited lecture). Heidelberg, FGR, August 1999.
*The Norwegian Research Council Workshop “The Future of Bioinformatics”. Oslo, September 1999.
*2nd European Research Conference on “Protein Targeting” (chairman). Obernai, France, October 1999.
*Annual Meeting of the British Biophysical Society “Biophysics - Past and Future” (invited lecture). London, UK, December 1999.
*Workshop on “Conjugation Systems Viewed as Protein Secretion Pathways” (invited lecture). Munich, FRG, May 2000.
*Swedish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Annual Meeting (invited lecture). Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2000.
*EMBO Practical Course “Current Methods in Membrane Protein Research” (invited lecture). Heidelberg, FRG, June 2000.
*International Summer School on “Membrane Chemistry” (invited lecture). Copenhagen Denmark, July 2000.
*IUBMB/FEBS Congress 2000 “Beyond the Genome” (invited lecture). Birmingham, UK, July 2000.
*SPP Student Conference “Plant Physiology, Today & Tomorrow” (invited lecture). Tanum, Sweden, August 2000.
*MECABD workshop on “Protein function at atomic level” (invited lecture). Marburg, FRG, October 2000.
*GBM Meeting 2000 (two invited lectures). Munich, FRG, October 2000.
*150th Anniversary Symposium “The Impact of Structural Biology in Cell Biology and Genetics” (invited lecture). Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2000.
*Symposium “Frontiers in Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins” (invited lecture). Galveston, US, November 2000.
*SIK Biotechnology Workshop on “Biomolecular Recognition as an Analytical Tool” (invited lecture). Helsinki, Finland, December 2000.
*PDC Symposium “Simulation and Visulaisation in the Life Sceinces” (invited lecture). Stockholm, Sweden, December 2000.
*The Norwegian Academy of Engineering Sciences Meeting on “Bioteknologi i framtiden” (invited lecture). Trondheim, Norway, March 2001.
*Biochemical Society Meeting “Molecular Communications” (invited lecture). Bristol, UK, April 2001.
*Microbial Genomics and Proteomics Workshop (invited lecture). Iowa State University, April, 2001.
*Ernst Schering Research Foundation Workshop “Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis” (invited lecture). Berlin, FRG, June 2001.
*11th International Congress on “Genes, Gene Families, and Isozymes” (invited lecture). Stockholm, Sweden, June 2001.
*Summer School “Advanced Biophysics School on Lipid-Protein Interactions and the Organization of Membranes” (invited lecture). Szeged, Hungary, June 2001.
*ISMB 2001 (invited keynote lecture). Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2001.
*Spetsai Summer School “Protein Biology: From Synthesis to Structure, Recognition, Misfolding and Disease” (invited lecture). Spetsai, Greece, September 2001. 
*3rd European Research Conference on “Protein Targeting” (invited lecture). Maratea, Italy, September 2001.
*4th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics (invited lecture). Kyoto, Japan, November 2001.
*Bologna Winter  School “Predicting the 3D Structure of Difficult Proteins” (invited lecture). Bologna, Italy, February 2002.
*XIV International Biophysics Congress (invited lecture). Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 2002.
*Symposium “Membrane Proteins: Experimental and Computational Approaches” (invited lecture). Urbana, US, May 2002.
*Matti Saraste Memorial Symposium (invited lecture). Heidelberg, FRG, May 2002.
*ISU Symposium “Plant Proteomes: Structure, Changes, Interactions and Functions” (invited lecture). Ames, USA, June 2002.
*ELSO 2002 Meeting (invited lecture). Nice, France, June 2002.
*FASEB Conference “Molecular Biophysics of Cellular Membranes” (invited lecture). Saxton River, US, July 2002.
*Birgitta Forum “Genome & Language” (invited lecture). Vadstena, August 2002.
*1st EMBO YIP PhD Course “Spotlight on Current Biology” (invited lecture). Heidelberg, FRG, August 2002.
*EMBL PhD Students International Symposium “Membranes and Compartments in Biology” (invited EMBO lecture). *Heidelberg, FRG, November 2002.
*Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Biochemical Society (plenary lecture). Geilo, Norway, January 2003.
*Bologna Winter  School “Hot Topics in Structural Genomics” (invited lecture). Bologna, Italy, February 2003.
*Symposium on Membrane Proteomics (invited lecture). Frankfurt, FRG, February 2003.
*PSB Workshop, ESRF, Grenoble, France, February 2003.
*5th European Protein Society Meeting (invited lecture). Florence, Italy, March 2003.
*19th IUBMB Congress (invited lecture). Toronto, Canada, July 2003. Meeting cancelled.
*17th Protein Society Meeting (invited lecture). Boston, MA, July 2003.
*4th EuroConference “Protein Targeting: Structural and Mechanistic Aspects of Protein Translocation” (invited lecture). Spa, Belgium, September 2003.
*1st ESF-JSPS Frontiers in Science Conference (organizer). Sant Feliu, Spain, October 2003.
*3rd NCCR Symposium “New Trends in Structural Biology” (invited lecture). Zürich, Switzerland, November 2003.
*JAERI-NAIST Symposium “Frontiers in Bioinformatics” (invited lecture). Kyoto, Japan, February 2004.
*48th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society (invited lecture). Baltimore, US, February 2004.
*SFB Symposium “Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins” (invited lecture). Konstanz, FRG, March 2004
*Course on “Membrane Protein Biophysics” (invited lecture). Aalborg, Denmark, April 2004.
*Ph.D. School in Protein Science (invited lectures). Spetsai, Greece, May 2004.
*HHMI Symposium “Membranes, Membrane Proteins, and Membrane Associated Molecular Machines”. Chevy Chase, USA, May 2004.
*3D-SIG Workshop “Structural Bioinformatics” (invited lecture). Glasgow, UK. July 2004.
*The Society of General Physiologists Symposium “Lipid Signalling in Physiology” (invited lecture). Woods Hole, US, September 2004.
*The George W. Raiziss Biochemical Rounds Lecture, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. September 2004.
*Workshop on “Proteomics of Integral membrane Proteins” (invited lecture). Marburg, FRG. September 2004.
*Horizon Symposium “A living frontier — exploring the dynamics of cell membranes” (invited lecture).  Verona, Italy. October 2004.
*KVL Bioinformatics Workshop (invited lecture). Copenhagen, Denmark. December 2004.
*Bijvoet Symposium (invited lecture). Utrecht, the Netherlands, April 2005.
*Symposium “Cellular protein translocation – experiments and theory” (invited lecture). University of Warwick, UK. April 2005.
*Wenner-Gren Symposium “Cell-penetrating Peptides and Applications” (invited lecture). Stockholm, Sweden. May 2005.
*ISMB 2005 (invited keynote address). Detroit, US. June 2005.
*Biochemical Society “BioScience 2005” (invited lecture). Glasgow, UK. July 2005.
*NorFa Workshop "Molecular approaches to membrane transport" (invited plenary lecture). Sigtuna, Sweden. August 2005.
*Tampere Institute of Medical Technology 10th Anniversary Symposium (invited lecture). Tampere, Finland. September 2005.
*ESF course “Membrane Proteins: the rocky road from gene to structure” (invited lectures). Oerias, Portugal. September 2005.
*SFB Symposium “From Transport Machineries to Dynamic Assemblies and Networks” (invited lecture). Frankfurt, FRG. October 2005.
*9th International Dahlem Symposium “Cellular Signal Recognition and Transduction” (invited lecture). Berlin, FRG. October 2005.
*International Conference “Life of Proteins” (invited lecture). Awaji Island, Japan. November 2005.
*16th  International Conference on Genome Informatics (invited keynote address). Yokohama, Japan. December 2005.
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