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Two interesting essays by Martin Hasplemath (unfortunately in German) are found in the [Linguistic Studies Sections|Acad_Main/Sections/Linguistic_studies/Personal_Reports]
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An interesting project that covers 76 pidgin and creole languages in the locations shown in the picure below is [APiCS|http://lingweb.eva.mpg.de/apics/index.php/The_Atlas_of_Pidgin_and_Creole_Language_Structures_(APiCS)] . The language set contains not only the most widely studied Atlantic and Indian Ocean creoles, but also less well known pidgins and creoles from Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Australia, including some extinct varieties. 
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[{Image src='Creole_map.jpg' caption='Locations of creole - piging languages considered' width='600' alt='Creole_map.jpg' align='center'}]


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