!!Jonathan Harvey - Selected works
''Dialogue and Song'' for cello (1965/1977)\\
''Four Images after Yeats'' for piano (1969)\\
Piano Trio (1971)\\
String Quartet No. 1 (1977)\\
''O Jesu Nomen Dulce'' for choir (1979)\\
''Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco'', computer-manipulated concrete sounds (pre-recorded octophonic tape), for tape (1980)\\
''Mythic Figures'' (1980)\\
''Bhakti'' for 15 players and quadrophonic tape (1982)\\
''Curve with Plateaux'' for solo cello (1982)\\
''Flight-Elegy'' for violin and piano (1983–89)\\
''Nataraja'' for flute, piccolo and piano (1983)\\
''Nachtlied'' for soprano, piano and tape (1984)\\
''Come Holy Ghost'' for choir (1984)\\
''Ricercare una Melodia ''for solo trumpet/cello/flute/oboe/trombone with tape delay system (1984)\\
''Song Offerings'' for soprano and chamber ensemble of 8 players (1985)\\
''Forms of Emptiness'' for choir (1986)\\
''God is our Refuge'' for choir and organ (1986)\\
''Madonna of Winter and Spring'' for orchestra, synthesizer and electronics (1986)\\
''Lauds'' for choir and solo cello (1987)\\
''From Silence'' for soprano, 6 players and tape (1988)\\
String Quartet No. 2 (1988)\\
''Three Sketches'' for solo cello (1989)\\
''Ritual Melodies'' for quadrophonic tape (1989–90)\\
Cello Concerto (1990)\\
''Fantasia'' for organ (1991)\\
''Serenade in Homage to Mozart'' for wind ensemble of 10 players (1991)\\
''Scena'' for violin and chamber ensemble of 9 players (1992)\\
''Lotuses'' for flute quartet (1992)\\
''Chant'' for solo cello (or solo viola) (1992–94)\\
The Riot for flute, piccolo, bass clarinet and piano (1993)\\
''One Evening''... for soprano, mezzo, soprano, chamber ensemble of 8 players, 2 technicians and electronics (1993–94)\\
''The Angels'' for choir (1994)\\
''Tombeau de Messiaen'' for piano and tape (1994)\\
''Advaya'' for cello, electronic keyboard and electronics (1994)\\
''Dum Transisset Sabbatum'' for choir (1995)\\
''String Quartet No. 3'' (1995)\\
Percussion Concerto (1997)\\
''Sufi Dance'' for solo guitar (1997)\\
''Wheel of Emptiness'' for chamber ensemble of 16 players (1997)\\
''Ashes Dance Back'' for choir and electronics (1997)\\
''Death of Light/Light of Death'' for chamber ensemble of 5 players after Grunewald's Crucifixion in the Isenheim Altarpiece (1998)\\
''Tranquil Abiding'' for chamber orchestra (1998)\\
''Valley of Aosta'' for 13 players and electronics (1998)\\
''Marahi'' for unaccompanied choir (1999)\\
''The Summer Cloud's Awakening'' for choir, flute, cello and electronics (2001)\\
''Vers'' for piano (2000)\\
''Jubilus'' for viola and chamber ensemble (2003)\\
String Quartet No. 4 with live electronics (2003)\\
String Trio (2004)\\
''Body Mandala'' for orchestra (2006)\\
''Wagner Dream'', opera (2007)\\
''Other Presences'' for trumpet and electronics (2008)\\
''Imaginings'' for cello and live electronics\\
''Philia's Dream'' for cello and synthesizer\\
''Weltethos'' for speaker, choir, children's chorus and orchestra (2011), commissioned by the Berliner Philharmoniker