!!Hubert Haider - Curriculum Vitae
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Born 1953 Ritterkamp, Austria.
Ph.-D. 1980 Univ. Vienna (General Linguistics)
Habilitation 1987 Univ. Vienna (tenure; General Linguistics)
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__Academic career__
*1996 - Chair for General and Applied Linguistics, University of Salzburg.
*1988 - 1996 Chair for General Linguistics & Germanic Linguistics, University of Stuttgart
*1980 - 1988 Assistant professor at the Dept. of Linguistics, University of Vienna, Lecturer at the Univ. of Salzburg, Dept. of Linguistics.
__International appointments (fellowships, guest professor, summer schools, guest seminars)__
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Harvard (1984, visiting scientist), Tübingen (1986, fellowship). Stuttgart (1987 guest professor),
Lund (1989 Nordic summer school), Saarbrücken (1991 ESF summer school LLI), Vienna
(1991, guest professor), Tromsö (1992 guest seminar), Rabat (1994 summer school),
Saarbrücken (1995 DGfS summer school), Leipzig (1996, 2002 guest seminar), Düsseldorf
(2002 DGfS & LSA summer school). Amherst, (2004, guest professor)
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__Funded research (internationally peer-reviewed research projects)__
*1989 - 1997 Principal investigator in the SFB 340: Theoretical foundations of computational linguistics (Univ. Stuttgart, Univ.Tübingen; IBM-Heidelberg) funded by the DFG
*1997 - 2002 Principal co-investigator in the DFG research initiative Langue Production: Project on neuroimaging of language production (fMRI): [http://www.ims.uni-stuttgart.de/phonetik/joerg/ fMRI/index.html]
*1999-2002 IGLO-Intercomprehension of Germanic Languages Online. (EU Lingua-D funded project in cooperation with the Universities Trömsö, Lund, Kopenhagen, Reyjkjavik, Amsterdam, Hagen, Salzburg).
*2000 - Principal investigator in projects funded by the Austrian science funding organization (FWF): “EEG-Oscillations during sentence processing” (P 13748-SPR). “Modes of conflict resolution in the EEG” (P 16281-G03) Co-Investigator in the project (P 14495-SPR) "Linguistic and cognitive development of children" (Principal investigator: Josef Perner)
__Academic positions__
*1998- Chairman of the Dept. of Linguistics, Univ. of Salzburg
*1999-01 Vice-Dean of Studies, Fac. of Humanities, Univ. Salzburg
*1992-93 Dean (Univ. of Stuttgart, Fac. of Philosophy)
*1991-1996 Director of the graduate program “Linguistic Foundations for Computational Linguistics” of the Univ. of Stuttgart
*1987-96 Chairman of the Dept. of Linguistics, Univ. of Stuttgart: 87-89, 92-93, 95-96
__Research interests__
*Theory of grammar | Theoretical and comparative syntax (mainly Germanic & Romance) | Syntax-semantics interface
*Language and cognition | Psycho- & Neurolinguistics