!Richard Gombrich on his research
"''I regard my two greatest academic achievements as having discovered
the approximate date of the Buddha & as having shown that, contrary to
traditional opinion, the Buddha regarded the practice of love and
compassion as salvific.''"
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!Richard Gombrich on the art of timing your talk
"''Once I was booked to speak at a huge meeting on yoga in London.  The
programme was running very late and the organisers were desperate
because the hour at which they had to vacate the hall was
approaching.  My speech followed that of a white-robed guru.  I began:
"Ladies and Gentleman, every programme has its high point, and we have
just enjoyed that by the grace of Guru X.  It must also have its low
point, and I know that that has been reached when someone wearing
shoes gets up on the platform. I pride myself on being able to keep to
time, whatever the requirements.  We are running late.  I have never
before had to speak in minus five minutes, but I can get close by
thanking you for inviting me and leaving the platform."  I got the
biggest applause of the afternoon.''"


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