!!Richard F. Gombrich - Curriculum vitae
*1950-1955 Scholar, St. Paul's School, London
*1957-1961 Demy (scholar), Magdalen College, Oxford
*1959 Honour Classical Moderations, First Class
*1961 B.A. Oriental Studies (Sanskrit with Pali), First Class
*1961-1963 Harkness Fellow of the Commonwealth Fund
*1963 A.M. Harvard University
*1963-1965 Treasury Studentship (Scarborough Studentship)
*1970 D.Phil. Oxford University
*1991 Hon. D.Litt. Kalyani University, Bengal
*1993 S.C. Chakraborty Medal, Asiatic Society, Calcutta
*1994 Sri Lanka Ranjana (National Award)
*1996 Hon. D.Ed. De Montfort University
*1997 University Medal, Warsaw University
*1997 Vacaspati (= Hon D.Litt.), Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati
*1965-1976 Lecturer in Sanskrit and Pali, Oxford University
*1966-1976 Governing Body Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford
*1976-2004 Boden Professor of Sanskrit, Oxford University and Professorial Fellow, Balliol College
*1977-	Emeritus Fellow, Wolfson College
*1999-2004 Senior Fellow, De Montfort University
*1981-1982 Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor, University of Bristol
*1982 Visiting Professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris
*1986-1987 Stewart Visiting Fellow in the Humanities, Princeton University
*1994 F.D. Maurice Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies, King’s College London
*1994 Jordan Lecturer in Comparative Religion, SOAS
*1997 Gonda Lecturer, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
*1998 Edmond Perry Lecturer, Northwestern University
*2003- Academic Director, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
*2004- Emeritus Fellow, Balliol College
*2006 Numata Visiting Professor, SOAS
*2008 Visiting Professor, Dong-Guk University, Seoul
*2008 Visiting Professor, Hong Kong University
*2009 Evans-Wentz Lecturer, Stanford University
*1977 -	Member, Association of Social Anthropologists of the Commonwealth
*1978-1983 Advisory Council, Victoria and Albert Museum
*1981-1994 Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Pali Text Society
*1994-2002 President and Treasurer, Pali Text Society
*1996-2002 Co-editor, Journal of the Pali Text Society
*1981-1985 Secretary for Europe, International Association for Buddhist Studies
*1974-	Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society
*Member of Council, 1989-1991
*Member of the Publications Committee, 1991-3
*1982-1990 Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
*1983-1990 Theological and Religious Studies Board, National Council for Academic
*1986-1992	Member of Council, Society for South Asian Studies
*1990-	Member, Academia Europaea
*1992	Member, East and South Asian Studies Panel, RAE (Chairman for S & SE Asia)
*1996	Member, Theology and Religious Studies Panel, RAE
*2002-8	Academic Director, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
*2004-8	General Editor, Clay Sanskrit Library
*2006-9	President, UK Association of Buddhist Studies
*2008-	Founder-President, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
*2008-	Trustee, Oxford Mindfulness Centre	
__Member of several editorial boards:__
*Oxford University South Asian Studies Series
*Groningen Oriental Monograph Series
*Journal of Asian Philosophy 
*Brill's Indological Library (advisory board)
*Journal of Buddhist Ethics
*Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies
*South Asian Religions and Culture
*Journal of Contemporary Religion
*Contemporary Buddhism Journal
*Buddhist Studies Review
*ULUBUDA online journal
*Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya Journal of Buddhist Studies