!!Rafael Giraldo - Curriculum vitae
__Address: __
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Laboratory of Synthetic Bacterial Amyloids\\
Department of Microbial Biotechnology\\
National Centre of Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC)\\
C/ Darwin, 3\\
E28049-Cantoblanco, Madrid
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*B. Sc. Biological Sciences (1981-1986), Complutense University, Madrid (UCM). First class honours (92% score).
*Ph. D. Biol. Sci. (1987-1991). Genetic and Biochemical studies on plasmid DNA replication initiators (Cum Laude). CIB-CSIC/UCM. Supervisor: Dr. R. Díaz-Orejas.
*Postdoctoral (1992-1994). Structural Studies Division, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge (UK). Supported by EMBO-ALTF (1992-1993) and MRC staff position. Research director: Dr. D. Rhodes.
*Tenure Track Scientist (1995-1999). CIB-CSIC, Dept. of Molecular Microbiology. Contracted Scientist appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Education & Science.
*Tenure Staff Scientist (2000-2008), group leader. CIB-CSIC. Dept. of Mol. Microbiol.
*Associate Professor (2008-2009). CIB-CSIC. Dept. of Mol. Microbiol.
*Research Professor: (2010-2018) CIB-CSIC. Departments of Chemical & Physical Biology / Cellular & Mol. Biol. (2019-) CNB-CSIC. Dept. of Microbial Biotechnology.
*Member of the Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM, since 1990).
*Member of the Spanish Biophysical Society (SBE, since 1994).
*Member of the Spanish Society for Microbiology (SEM, since 1997).
*Member of the International Society for Plasmid Biology (ISPB, since 2004).
*Member of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM, since 2014).
*Member of the Editorial Board of FEMS Microbiology Reviews (2004-2010).
*Member of evaluation panels for ANEP-MICINN (Spain), NSF (USA), ESF (EU), HFSP (France), IFS (Sweden), NSC (Poland).
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''A) Biographic (non-academic) sketch:''
*Born in Madrid (1963); parents: Manuel Giraldo and Sofía Suárez. Grew up in Barcelona (1967) and Las Palmas, Canary Islands (1968-1980).
*Military service as 2nd Lieutenant, Infantry (1986-1987).
*Married with M. Isabel Rodríguez (Chemist, High School teacher), since 1995; 4 children (Isabel, Luis, Raquel and María).
''B) Hobbies:''
**Classical studies: History of ancient Greece and Rome; Plutarch; Athenian black figure vases; ancient Warfare; Archaeology
**Philosophy; Theology; History of the primitive Church
**Medieval illuminated manuscripts ('Beatos', in particular)
**Astronomy (star-sighting); Cosmology
**Geology (Palaeontology, Volcanology); Natural History (Botany)
**Classic, specially ancient (medieval, renaissance) and baroque
**B&W movies from the 1930's and 40's, in particular
**Football (supporter of the best Club ever: Atlético de Madrid!)
*Having lunch (or dinner) with family and friends; talking and playing with my children; long walks across the countryside and historical city centres