!!Gerard F. Gilmore - Curriculum vitae

__Higher Degrees:__             
*Ph.D. Astrophysics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
* MA, Sc.D. Cambridge University, UK
__Academic Positions held:__
*1979 - 1984 Senior Research Fellow, Royal Observatory Edinburgh, UK
*1982 - 1985 Visiting Associate, Mt Wilson and Las Campanas Observatories, Ca, USA
*1984 - 1989 SERC Advanced Research Fellow, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
*1984 - 1987 Research Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge
*1987 - 1991 The Royal Society Smithson Fellow, King's College & Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University
*1989 - 1991 Senior Assistant in Research, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
*1991 - 1995 Assistant Director of Research, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
*1995 - 2000 Reader in Astrophysics, Cambridge University
*2000 - Professor of Experimental Philosophy, Cambridge University
*1999 - 2007 Deputy Director, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
*2010 - Chair, Faculty Board of Physics & Chemistry
*2010 - Chair, Degree Committee of Physics and Chemistry
*2010 - Chair, Senior Academic Promotions Committee, Physics & Chemistry
\\ \\
Over 700 articles, over 29500 citations @01/2016.
\\ \\
*Samuel Locker Award (UK)
*John Couch Adams Astronomer, Cambridge
*Smithson Fellow, The Royal Society London & King’s College, Cambridge
*Fellow, Academia Europaea
*Fellow, Institute of Physics
*Research Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge, and King’s College, Cambridge
*Neils Bohr Lecturer, NORDITA
*Argelander Lecturer, Bonn
*Einstein year UNESCO international lecturer, 
*Bernard Lovell Lecturer
*Fellow of the Royal Society (2013)
*Chalonge Medal (2013)
__Web pages for PI projects:__
__Senior international visiting committees:__
\\ \\
__France:__ AERES programme (2008, 2009, 2010); ANR jury (2011-2012, 2015): Paris/Saclay; Strasbourg; Toulouse:  Comité d'Evaluation, CNRS Strasbourg ; International Member, Conseil Scientifique, Centre d'Analyse des Images, Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers, France.\\
__Netherlands:__ International Scientific Advisory Committee, NOVA Research Committee (Netherlands). International Member, Netherlands Lorentz Centre Advisory Board.\\
__Germany:__ Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Ministerium fur Wissenschaft,   Baden-Wurttemburg.\\
__Italy:__ INAF/INFN PRIN Strategy Review: Torino\\
__Austria:__ University of Vienna (2010, Chair, Visiting Committee)\\
US Standing Member, NASA/NSF Review Panel for the US National Virtual  Observatory Initiative; Member, Gemini Observatories Senior Management Review Board\\
__Spain:__ Visiting Committee: Spanish National Astronomy Centre and Spanish National Large Telescope              Project     (IAC, Tenerife).\\
NZ International Member, New Zealand Universities Performance-Based Review Fund (2005, 08, 12)\\
__Denmark:__ Member, Danish Large Facilities Fund Strategy Review Panel (2007, 2009, 2011); Aarhus University Science and Technology Senior Advisory Board (2013 on)\\
__Canada:__ Large Facilities Grant Funding Review Board
\\ \\
__Professorial and appointment boards:__
\\ \\
U. Victoria, Canada(2007); Aarhus, Denmark (2006, 2010); TIFR India (2009); U. Barcelona, Spain (2008,2009); ETH Zurich, Switz., (2009); U. Haverford, USA, (2010), U. Sheffield (2007); QUB Belfast (2007,2009); U. St Andrews (2008); Royal Netherlands Academy, Academy Professor selection panel (2008-2009)
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__International science/project management boards:__
\\ \\
Gaia ESA Science Team (1990-2000: co-presented Gaia mission for ESA approval); Chair European Extremely Large Telescope Design Study (2002-2006: presented E-ELT for ESFRI adoption); European Southern Observatory Council (UK national rep) (2003-2008); Iran National Observatory International Supervisory Board (2007 on); European Agencies Strategic Planning Group member 2008; EC Funding agencies AstroNet Executive Board (2007 on)
Chair, OPTICON, EC Coordinating Network for Astronomy; Chair, International Astronomical Union WG on Future Large Scale Facilities (2004-2010);  UK/Ireland rep, IUPAP (International Union for Pure and Applied Science) (2005 on; vice-Chair C19, 2015-)
\\ \\
__Academic/External PhD examiner:__
\\ \\
Padova, Italy: (chair,2009), Potsdam (2010), various UK; 
European Member, NASA Hubble Space Telescope Time Assignment Committee (1992, 1995, 1996, 1997).;   Member, NASA Spitzer  Telescope Time Assignment Committee, Japan SUBARU TAC;
International Member, Netherlands Astronomical Programme Committee
\\ \\
__Journal Editor__
\\ \\
Receiving Editor, New Astronomy astrophysics research journal, (Elsevier, Amsterdam)
Consulting Editor: Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP, San Francisco);  Astronomy and Geophysics,  (Royal Astronomical Society, London);  New Astronomy Reviews  (Elsevier, Amsterdam).
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__Major project reviews:__
\\ \\
Canada Large Infrastructures Fund (2004, 2006, 2010); Denmark (2009), Nordic Astronomy Programme (2006, 2010), NSF International Facilities (2008-2010), EC (major programme review panels) 
\\ \\
__Grant/proposal/subject review panels (all on-going)__
\\ \\
Czech (CSF-GACR,bi-annual); Germany: DFG Visiting Panel 2009, Panel Member tri-annual; Rep Georgia (annual); Italy (CINECA-PRIN, INAF, bi-annual); Leverhulme (UK); Netherlands Lorenz Centre board (2000-2008), NWO (bi-annual); Norway (CAS); NZ; Australia; UK(many), South Africa (NRF), Spain (MICIN), Canada, Japan (JSPS, Subaru); Sweden (SNSB); Switzerland (SNF); Turkey; Austria; EC; ESF; ESA; France (ANR); NZ Universities RAE panel, Qatar QNRF, Russian Grants Foundation, various Royal society panels.
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__Major prize nominating panels: __
\\ \\
Nobel, Kyoto, Balzan, Shaw, Ambartsumian, Microsoft, Japan (all M$ prizes), Sackler, King Faisal
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__Current Major Project PI  Responsibilities with associated funding:__
\\ \\
a)	Coordinator, OPTICON, the EC Optical-Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy \\
b)	UK Principal Investigator, Gaia Data Reduction and Analysis Consortium \\
c)	UK STFC research funding support for Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge\\
d)	Gaia-ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey (Co-PI)\\
e)	Leverhulme Trust Senior research Grant\\
f)	European Research Council Advanced Research Grant
\\ \\
a) OPTICON: [http://www.astro-opticon.org]. Gilmore is Scientific  Coordinator, Executive Board Chair, and EC budget holder for OPTICON. EC contribution in FP6 was M€19.2, to a total activity budget of some M€35. In FP7  EC funding is M€10 (2009-2012), M€8.5 (2013-2016), and similar national support as in FP6. OPTICON is an enormously valuable contribution to the structuring and development of high-technology European astronomy, and facilitates continuing wide access to Europe’s 2-4m telescopes. The Scientific Coordinator role delivers management, project coordination and strategic leadership.
\\ \\
b) UK Gaia data reduction and analysis consortium: https://gaia.ac.uk. Gilmore is the UK PI and UK budget holder for all UK-based activities in support of the ESA Gaia mission. The UK leads responsibility for photometric data processing, for the real-time Science Alerts discovery and announcement activity, for implementation and operation of the Cambridge Gaia Data Processing Centre (DPCI), and has significant roles in the spectroscopic reduction and analysis activity. This activity is funded at M£13.6 2006-2012, M£12.8 2012-2018, and is planned to continue at a somewhat reduced level until 2022 (approx PI total project budget M£30 to 2018). This activity supports algorithm development, software and data processing effort (currently some 20 FTE staff), and is provided by the UK Space Agency. A substantial national public engagement effort is also implemented, with UK and EC funding support. 
\\ \\
c) UK STFC Postdoctoral funding for near-field cosmology at IoA Cambridge. Gilmore is PI of the Cambridge near-field cosmology group, which has typically two PDRA positions funded. These are focused on discovery and analysis of the dark matter and origins of ultra-faint dSph satellite galaxies, and photometric surveys. 
\\ \\
d) Gaia-ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey: [http://www.gaia-eso-eu]. Gilmore is Co-PI of the Gaia-ESO Survey, leading the (majority) Milky Way field survey aspects. Gaia-ESO has over 400 Co-I’s, and is the first large Public Spectroscopic Survey implemented on the ESO VLT facilities. Support is provided by the UK Leverhulme Trust (2012-2015; £250K), and an ERC Advanced Grant (2013-2018;M€2.5).