!!Anthony Giddens - List of publications
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*Giddens, Anthony & Mackenzie, Gavin (Eds.) (1982) Social Class and the Division of Labour. Essays in Honour of Ilya Neustadt. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
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*Giddens, Anthony (1985) A Contemporary Critique of Historical Materialism. Vol. 2. The Nation State and Violence. Cambridge : Polity.
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*Giddens, Anthony (1991) Modernity and Self-Identity. Self and Society in the Late Modern Age. Cambridge: Polity.
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*Giddens, Anthony (1995) Politics, Sociology and Social Theory: Encounters with Classical and Contemporary Social Thought. Cambridge : Polity.
*Giddens, Anthony (1996) In Defence of Sociology. Cambridge : Polity.
*Giddens, Anthony (1996) Durkheim on Politics and the State. Cambridge : Polity.
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*Giddens, Anthony (Ed.) (2001) The Global Third Way Debate. Cambridge : Polity.
*Giddens, Anthony (2002) Where Now for New Labour? Cambridge : Polity (publisher).
*Giddens, Anthony (Ed.) (2003) The Progressive Manifesto. New Ideas for the Centre-Left. Cambridge : Polity.
*Giddens, Anthony (Ed.) (2005) The New Egalitarianism Cambridge : Polity.
*Giddens, Anthony (2006) Sociology (Fifth Edition). Cambridge : Polity.
*Giddens, Anthony (2007) Europe In The Global Age. Cambridge : Polity
*Giddens, Anthony (2007) Over to You, Mr Brown - How Labour Can Win Again. Cambridge :Polity.
(Giddens, Anthony (2009) The Politics of Climate Change. Cambridge : Polity
*Giddens, Anthony (2009) Sociology (Sixth Edition). Cambridge : Polity.
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