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__Present and Previous Positions__
*1999 - present Full Professor of Physics University of California Berkeley 
*1986 - present Director and Scientific Member at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
*1985 - 1986 Full Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley
*1981 - 1985 Associate Professor of Physics and Associate Research Astronomer, Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Experimental astrophysics
*Infrared and submillimetre astronomy
__Honours and Awards__
*Since 1988 Honorary Professor Munich University
*Fellow of the Royal Society
*1980 – 1982 Miller Research Fellowship
*1980 Otto Hahn Medal, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft 
*1984 Presidential Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation
*1986 Newton Lacy Pierce Prize, American Astronomical Society
*1990 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
*2000 De Vaucouleurs Medal, University of Texas
*2000 Prix Jules Janssen, French Astronomical Society
*2003 Stern Gerlach Medal for experimental physics, Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
*2003 Balzan Prize for Infrared Astronomy
*2007 Albert Einstein Medal
*2008 Shaw Prize
*2009 "Galileo 2000" Prize
*2011 Karl Schwarzschild Medal, Deutsche Astronomische Gesellschaft
*2012 Crafoord Prize, Royal Swedish Academy
*2012 Tycho Brahe Prize, European Astronomical Society
*2014 Harvey Prize, Technion Institute, Israel
*2014 Herschel Medal, Royal Astronomical Society
*Member of the US and German Astronomical and Physical Societies
*1985 Fellow of the American Physical Society
*2000 Foreign member of the United States National Academy of Sciences
*1998 Foreign member of the Académie des Sciences (Institut de France)
*2002 Member of the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina
*2002 Member of the European Academy of Sciences
*2003 Senior member of the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
*2011 Foreign member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences
*2012 Foreign member of the Royal Society of London
*2020 Nobel Prize in Physics
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