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__Present and Previous Positions__
*April2017 - today Chair of General Program Advisory committee (G-PAC) GSI-FAIR
*July 2016 - today Scientific Advisor to the Director IFIN-HH/ELI-N and Member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of ELI-NP project
*April 2013 – July 2016 Scientific Director of the High Power Laser and Gammas Large Scale Facility project 
*ELI- NP (Bucharest, Romania) until July 2016.
*March 2012 - April 2013 Coordinator of International in-kind contributions for the FAIR Project (GSI-De)
*Member of the ELI- Coordination Committee Board until July 2016
*Member of International Advisory Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on site assessment committee for Nuclear Physics
*Member of the S-FRS@NUSTAR-FAIR management board (Germany)
*Member of the Scientific Council of JINR Dubna (Russia)
*Member of the Physics and Engineering section of Academia Europeae 
*Chair of the review committee of Nishina Centre for Accelerator Base science RIKEN (Japan)
*Member of the International Advisory Committee of Korean Radioactive Ion Science Project (Korea)
*Member of the EPS Advisory Board on Science Policies
*Member of the IZEST collaboration                                
* 2012/02 - present   Director of research (classe exceptionelle) CNRS (France) 
* 2005/07 - 2011/12  Director of large scale facility GANIL (Caen, France)
* 2004/11-2012/01  Deputy Director, National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Particle physics (IN2P3), CNRS (France)
* 1994 - 2002  Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics Orsay (IPNO)
* 1992 - 2008  Professor "extraordinary" of Physics at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
* 1986 - 1994  Project leader of AGOR and member of the board of directors of the project AGOR (Accélérateur Groningen-ORsay)
* 1980 - 1987  Principal investigator/International Collaborations and extended stays at MSU& IUCF (USA), JINR-Dubna (Russia), RCNP 
* 1978 - 1980  Post-doctoral fellow at Michigan State University (USA)
* 1972 - 1978  Research staff member at IPNO, CNRS (France)
* 1970 - 1972  Research Associate at Laboratory of Nuclear Physics, University of Montreal (Canada)
* 1969 - 1970  Research fellow at  IPNO, CNRS (France)
*Others appointments 
**Member of the editorial board of « Nuclear Instruments & Methods » (Elsevier) (1994-2002)
**Member of the Editorial Board of Physical review C (2003-2005)
**Editor of « Nuclear Physics News International » (1993-1998)
**Referee for Physical Review & Review Letters (APS), Physics Letters & Nuclear Physics (Elsevier) 1980- to day
**Chairman and/or board member of more than 100 scientific organization committees of International Conferences, School or Workshops (1998-2014)
**Judge in the Jury for the “International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences” (IADAS), Webby Awards”, New York   (1999 - today)
**Member Editorial Board “Progress of theoretical and experimental Physics journal”, Japan Physical society 
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Nuclear physics and applications
* Nuclear structure: single-particle and collective modes of excitation; isobaric analog states; exotic nuclei
* Nuclear reactions: direct transfer reactions; elastic and inelastic scattering; charge-exchange reactions
* Nuclear Astrophysics
* Accelerator physics: design and construction
* Nuclear instrumentation (magnetic devices; detectors; diagnostics)
* Exotic nuclear decays
* Radioactive ion beams: production (electro-fission; photo-fission; neutron-induced fission; fusion reactions) and acceleration
*High power Laser (>1PW), Laser Driven QED and Subatomic physics (Extreme Ligth Infrastructure)
*Brilliant and monochromatic gamma beam ( 0.2-20 MeV) for Nuclear Structure
__Honours and Awards__
* 2016  Fellow European Physical Society
* 2015  Chevalier dans l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur (France)
* 2014  Grand Prix Felix Robin French Physical Society (SFP, Fr)               
* 2012  Elected member Academia Europeae (MAE)
* 2009  Flerov prize (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
* 1997  Chevalier de l’ordre national du Mérite (France) "Knight of the National Order of Merit"
* 1995  Koninklijke onderscheiding als Officier in de Orde Oranje-Nassau (The Netherlands) "Royal honour as Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau"
* 1978  Medal CNRS (France)

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