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__Present and Previous Positions__
*since 2006 Professor of Petroleum Geology, Section Head Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (PEGG), University of Oslo
*2005-2009 Adjunct Professor of structural and petroleum geology, University of Aarhus, Denmark
*2003-2006 Executive Director, Divison for Science, The Research Council of Norway
*2000-2003 Scientfic Advisor, Norwegian Geological Survey, Trondheim
*1994-2003 Professor of Petroleum Geology/Structural Geology, University of Bergen
*1992-1994 Adjunct Professor of Petroleum Geology/Structural Geology (“Professor II; 20% time appointment at full professor level) of Petroleum Geology, University of Bergen
*1992-1994 Managing Director, Norsk Hydro a.s., Research Centre, Bergen
*1989-1991 Chief Scientist, Geological Remote Sensing, Nansen Remote Sensing Centre, Bergen
*1988-1991 Professor of Petroleum Geology/Structural Geology, University of Bergen
*1987-1988 Chief Geologist, Norsk Hydro, a.s.
*1981-1987 Structural Geologist, Saga Petroleum A/S.
*1977-1981 Research Associate, Petroleum geology, Remote sensing/fracture tectonics. Institute of Geology, University of Oslo
*1976-1977 Research associate, NAVF, Structural geology, isotope geochemistry, Norwegian Caledonides (SW Norway). Department of Geology, University of Oslo
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Structural geology
*Petroleum geology
*Basin analysis
__Honours and Awards__
*Statoil Research Prize for 2000
*Awarded status as Principal Investigator in Centre of Excellence "Center for Integrated Petroleum Research", University of Bergen, appointed by the Norwegian Research Council, 2002
*Norwegian Petroleum Society Science Prize for 2002
*Falcon Award 2005
*Special Award 2005, American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
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