!!Adam Frączek - Curriculum vitae
* M.A. in Psychology, University of Warsaw, 1958
* Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Warsaw, 1965
* Post-doctoral Clinical Psychology Fellow, New York State University, 1967
* Post-doctoral Social Psychology Fellow, University of Wisconsin, 1968
* Habilitation, University of Warsaw, 1977
* Full Professor, Polish Academy of Science, 1987
__Visiting professor/research fellow__
* 	UCLA, Department of Psychology, 1975;
* 	University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Psychology, 1983
* 	University of Twente, Department of Social Sciences, 1986
* 	Saarland University, Department of Educational Psychology, 1987/1988
* 	University of Michigan, Department of Communication Studies, 2000
* 	Associate Editor, “Polish Psychological Bulletin” (1978-1984)
* 	Member, Board of Editors, “Aggressive Behavior” (1982-2006)
__Grants (Principal and Co-principal Investigator)__
* 	“Gender Identity and Emotionality of Males and Females vs. Patterns of Readiness for Aggression”, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland (2009-2011)
* 	“Monitoring of Expected Effects of Mental Health Promotion and Prevention of Mental Disorders in Poland”, Ministry of Health, Poland (1998-2001)
* 	“Childhood TV Violence Viewing and Adult Aggression, a Cross-National Study”, National Institute of Mental Health, USA (1992-1997)
* 	“A Cross-Cultural Study of the Interaction of Parental, Social and Cognitive Variables with the Learning of Aggression through the Modelling of Media Violence”, National Institute of Mental Health, USA (1977-1980)
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