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__Present and Previous Positions__
*1990 Director, MRC Centre for Protein Engineering
*1988 Director, MRC Unit for Protein Function and Design
*1988 Herchel Smith Professor of Organic Chemistry, Cambridge University
*1978 - 1989 Wolfson Research Professor of the Royal Society, Imperial  College
*1969 - 1977 Scientific Staff, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*Membership of Academies\\
**1980 Member of EMBO
**1983 Fellow of the Royal Society
**1988 Honorary Foreign Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
**1989 Member Academia Europaea
**1993 Foreign Associate National Academy of Sciences (USA)
**2007 Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences
**2008 Member American Philosophical Society  
*Honorary Degrees\\
**1999 Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa, University of Uppsala
**1999 Doctor honoris causa, Free University of Brussels
**2004 Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa, Weizmann Institute
**2004 Fellowship of Imperial College
**2006 Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa, Hebrew University
**2008 Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa, Aarhus University
*Awards, Prizes and Medals\\
**1980 FEBS Anniversary Prize. 
**1986 Novo Biotechnology Award (The 2nd triennial)
**1986 Charmian Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry (for Enzyme Chemistry)
**1991 Gabor Medal of the Royal Society (for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)  
**1992 Max Tishler Lecture and Prize, Harvard (Chemistry)
**1993 Datta Lecture and Medal, FEBS, Stockholm 1993
**1993 Jubilee Lecture and the Harden Medal of the Biochemical Society
**1996 Feldberg Foundation Prize
**1997 Distinguished Service Award, Miami Nature Biotechnology Winter  Symposium
**1998 Davy Medal of the Royal Society (for Chemistry)
**1999 Anfinsen Award of the Protein Society 
**1999 Laureate of the "Chaire Bruylants", Louvain
**1999 Natural Products Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry
**2001 Stein and Moore Award of the Protein Society 
**2003 Knight Bachelor
**2005 Bader Award of the American Chemical Society (for Bio-organic Chemistry)
**2005 Linderstrøm-Lang Prize and Medal (Denmark)
**2008 Bijvoet Medal, Utrecht University
**2008 G.N. Lewis Medal, Berkeley
**2008 Royal Medal of the Royal Society
**2009 Wilhelm Exner Medal (Austria)
*2020 Copley Medal (The Royal Society)
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