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__Present and Previous Positions__
* Division head: ITER Technology & Diagnostics, Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics, IPP
* Head of the Experimental Plasma Physics Group, Institute for Physics, Augsburg University
* since  2010 Head (acting) of the ITER Technology & Diagnostics Division at the Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
* since  2008  Head of the Experimental Plasma Physics Group, Institute for Physics, University of Augsburg
* 2006 Visiting Professor at the NIFS Institute (National Institute for Fusion Science) , Toki. Japan
* since  2004  at Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics with focus on the development of negative hydrogen ion sources for ITER
* 1995 - 2004 Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Experimental Plasma Physics, University of Augsburg with focus on low temperature 
* 1991 - 1995 Employed at Institute of Plasma Research at University of Stuttgart as Research Scientist for diagnostics of molecular low temperature plasmas 
* 1982 - 1984 Employed as Physical Technical Assistant at the Institute of Theory in Electrical Engineering, University of Stuttgart
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Fusion research
* Neutral beam injection
* Negative hydrogen ion sources
* Low temperature plasma physics
* Plasma diagnostics
* Plasma modelling
* Plasma chemistry
* Plasma technology
* Applied physics: surface production of negative ions
__Honours and Awards__
* 2014 Award of the International Symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources for recent innovative and significant achievements in the field of physics and technology
* 2006 Erwin Schrödinger Prize of the HGF (Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres) for interdisciplinary research on the topic “Development of a High-Current-RF-Driven Plasma Source for Negative Ions”
* 1996 Anton- and Klara-Röser-Prize for PhD Thesis, University of Stuttgart 
* since 2018  Member of the Executive Board of the German Physical Society (DPG), area of responsibility: International Relations
* since 2018  Member of the Senate Committee and of the Grants Committee on Research Training Groups of the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), the German research funding organization
* since 2017   Associate Member Delegate to the European Physics Society, the EPS Council ; 2018 elected to the Executive Commitee
* 2015 - 2017  Chair of the Project Board  for "Heating and Current drive" within EUROfusion
* since   2001  Consultant and Chief Scientific Investigator for „Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion Edge Plasmas“ at the IAEA, Vienna

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