!!Zoltan Ésik
!Short laudatio by Hermann Maurer\\
Esik is not 60 years yet, has not only been full professor and head of the department of Computer Science at Szeged for  over ten years, he has also been visiting professor all over the world, form Kyoto to Bordeaux, form Dresden to Paris, from Aalborg to Waterloo, form Aizu to Edinburgh, etc. 
\\ \\
He is the leading professor in foundations of Informatics in Hungary and has collaborated with leading scientist in Europe, Asia and North America. He is author of almost 200 journal publications, two monographs and he has edited another 25 books. He is member of some 25 editorial boards and learned societies, has conducted a significant number of workshops, given numerous invited lectures and received a number of awards including  the Renyi Research Award, the Farkas Research award and the Szechenyi Professorial award. He has supervised successfully a number of by now themselves prominent Ph.D. students (like e.g. Fulop) and has managed to attract and successfully pull through more than twenty research grants. 

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