!!Erwin Engeler - Curriculum vitae
__Dates and Stations__
*Born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland on the 13th February 1930.
*1955 Diploma in mathematics at the ETH, Zurich 
*1956 Marriage to Margaret née Knecht, Dr.phil. (Two children, Christopher, Dr.med. and Suzanne, Dr.iur.) 
*1958 Dr.sc.math. ETH, Zurich (Prof. P. Bernays) 
*1958 Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota 
*1962/63 Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley 
*1964/72 Associate Professor and Full Professor at the University of Minnesota 
*1972/97 Professor of Logic and Computer Science, Mathematics Department, ETH, Zurich 
Activities and Offices
*Author of various books on Logic, Mathematics and Computer Science, translated into Russian, Japanese and Chinese
*Editor of scientific journals, book series and symposia
*Collected works 1993
*Active interest in music, art and various outdoor sports
*Member of
**Academia Europaea
**ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), named Fellow 1997
**The American Mathematical Society
**The Swiss Mathematical Society
**The Swiss National Research Council (1985 - 1997)
**The Swiss Association for the Promotion of Computer Science and its Applications (as President 1987 - 1997), now SARIT
**numerous other societies