!!Dianne Edwards - Curriculum Vitae

*1961: Scholarship to Girton College, Cambridge\\
*1961-1964: Natural Science Tripos at Cambridge University.  Double First.  Specialisation in Botany\\
*1964-1967: Postgraduate Cornell and Cambridge University (PhD: Lower Devonian plants in Britain)\\
*1968-1970: Research Fellowships NERC & Girton College\\
*1970-present: Cardiff University Research Fellow to Distinguished Research Professor and Head of School\\
*1994-2008:NERC - TFLS, ES, TFS  Boards; Peer review College; Council\\
*1994-2007: National Botanic Garden of Wales: Trustee\\
*1998-2005: Member of Individual Merit Promotion Panel (IMP), Research Councils\\
*1999-2006: Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh: Trustee\\
*2000-2006: Member of Darwin Advisory Committee (DEFRA)\\
*2001-2007: Member of Countryside Council of Wales\\
*2001-2002/2007-2008: Member of RAE Earth/Environmental Sciences Panel\\
*2002-2006: Seconded to National Botanic Garden of Wales as Part-Time Interim Director\\
*2003: Natural History Museum: Trustee\\
*2005-2007: Royal Society Council\\
*2010-: Leverhulme Advisory Panel\\
__Associate Editor:__ Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, Palaeontographica B, Transactions of the Royal Society Edinburgh (Earth Sciences), Acta Paleobotanica; Chief editor: Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 1992-2004; Palaeontology:1982-1993\\
 Advisor for courses/posts in Oxford, Cambridge, Galway, Dublin, Cork, Edinburgh etc\\
__Learned Societies:__
*Linnean Society (Council 1989-1992, Vice-President 1990-1991, President 2012)\\
*Palaeontological Association (Council 1982-1993, President 1996-1998)\\
*Systematics Association (Council 1980-1982)\\
*Cambridge Philosophical Society\\
*Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh\\
*Learned Society of Wales (Founder Fellow, Vice-President (STEMM 2010-14))\\
*Society of Biology Fellow \\
165 publications in peer review journals\\
£6,515 p.a. in research funding since 2000\\
__Current Research Topics (Collaborators in brackets):__
*Silurian/Devonian  mega- and mesofossils from Wales and Welsh Borderland\\
*Pridoli/Lower Devonian assemblages in China (Li Cheng-Sen) \\
*In situ and ultrastructure of early spores (J.B. Richardson)\\
*Plant/animal interactions (P. Selden)\\
*Conducting tissues in embryophytes (J. Duckett)\\
*Lichens (R. Honegger)\\
*Imaging synchrotron: Zurich (P. Donoghue)\\
*Analytical synchrotron: Berkeley (G. Cody)\\
*Geochemistry (G.Abbott)