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__Present and Previous Positions__
*Professor of Developmental Genetics and  Genomics  at  the  EPFL  and  at  the  Department  of  Genetics  and  Evolution  of  the University of Geneva
*since 2001 Director of the Swiss National Research Center  ‘Frontiers  in  Genetics‘
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Function and regulation of Hox genes
* Vertebrate developmental genetics
*Medical genetics 
*Evolutionary biology
__Honours and Awards__
*Elected member of  EMBO (1993)
*National Latsis Prize (1994)
*Elected member of the Academia Europaea (1997)
*Cloëtta Prize for Medicine (1997)
*Louis -Jeantet Prize for Medicine(1998)
*Elected member of the Royal Netherland Academy of Arts and Science (2000)
*Marcel Benoist Prize (2003)
*Grand Prix Charles
*Leopold Mayer(2004)
*Elected member of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (2005)
*Elected member of the French Academy of Sciences (2005)
*Elected foreign hon. member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences  (2006)
*Dr. honoris causa from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (2010)
*INSERM International Prize (2010)
*Prix de la Fondation pour Genève (2011)
*Foreign Member of the Royal Society (2012)
*Knight of the Legion of Honour (2013)
*Kowalevsky Medal (2014)
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