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__Present and Previous Positions__
*Senior Group Leader at CRG ; Director of the Associated Unit for Behavioural Research (National Biotechnology Center-CSIC)
*2007 Researcher of the Centre for Biomedical Research on Rare Diseases-CIBERER 
*2002 Senior Scientist, Centre for Genomic Regulation-CRG, Barcelona
*1997 - 2001	Senior scientist, Institute of Oncology Research-IRO, Barcelona 
*1993 - 1997	Assistant Professor, Group leader, University of Cantabria 
*1989 - 1990    Research fellow Freie Universität Berlin
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Neuronal basis of cognition
*Neuronal basis of behaviour
*Neurobiology of dendritic tree architecture
*Modification of dendritic tree architecture in mental disorders
*Neurobiology of Down´s syndrome
*Genetic and molecular basis of Rett syndrome
*Genetic and molecular basis of Fragile X syndrome
__Honours and Awards__
*2018	Trébol Award (Down Spain)
*2018	Distinguished member College of Medicine (Cantabria)
*2018	Optmistas Comprometidos Award
*2017	Trifermed Social Impact of Healthcare Award
*2017	BigVang Medal
*2016	Distinguished Alumni of the University of Cantabria
*2016	Best Ideas Award for the clinical trial in Down syndrome
*2015 Fundación Esteve Award
*2014 David and Hillie Mahoney Award 
*2013 Ramón Trías Fargas Award
*2011 Alicia Koplowitz Award 
*2010 Sisley-Lejeune Award 
*2008 Laura Iglesias award for women in science
*2008 National Culture Award for Science
*2002 and 2009 Jaime Blanco Award for Down syndrome research
*2003 and 2008 Ramón Trias Fargas Award for Down syndrome research 

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