!!Michel Diament - Curriculum Vitae
__Academic positions and responsibilities:__
*Lecturer in Geophysics at University Paris-Sud, from 1982 to 1990.\\
*Professor ("Physicien") at  the “Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris” since October 1990. \\
*Thesis adviser or co-adviser of 29 PhD students (from France, Indonesia, Brazil, Cameroon, Tunisia, Chili) since 1986.\\
*Post-doc adviser for 6 young scientists (from Russia, India, Indonesia, Tunisia and France).\\
*Member of 111 PhD committees since 1986 in France, U.K., Ireland and Cameroun.\\
__Some present and past scientific responsibilities:__
*Acting director of the French national institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy of CNRS (CNRS-INSU) from October 2013 to June 31, 2014.\\
*Scientific deputy director of CNRS-INSU in charge of the Solid Earth Sciences from May 1, 2011 to December 31, 2014.\\
*Chair of the IODP-ECORD Council (January 1 to December 31, 2015).\\
*Member of the IODP-ECORD Council (2011-2015).\\
*Member of the Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC) from the European Space Agency (2010-2014).\\
*Member of the ESA-NASA inter agency gravity science working group (2014-2016).\\
*Member of the EPOS TCS "satellite data" (2015-...)\\
*Director of the French national data and services centre ForM@Ter (2015-...)\\
*Chairman of CNES (French space agency) scientific committee TOSCA (Solid Earth, Ocean, Continental Surfaces, Atmosphere) (2003-2008). \\
*Member of the scientific advisory committee (“Conseil des Programmes Scientifiques”) of CNES (2009- 2011) \\
*Member of the Scientific Council of IPGP (2016-...).\\
*Chairman of the director board of the Clermont-Ferrand Earth Science Observatory (2006-2009).\\
*Member of the Scientific Council of the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) (2017-...).\\
*Chairman of the Scientific Committee CS1/CSS1 of ORSTOM/IRD from 1998 to 2003.\\
*In charge of the French-Indonesian scientific program on geological risks (1997 – 2002).\\
*Editor of Geophysical Journal International (2008-2011)\\
*Member of the editorial board of Tectonophysics (2002-2011)\\
*Served in numerous review panels for French research organisations, for the National Science Foundation and NASA (USA),…\\ \\