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__Present and Previous Positions__
*sine 2013 Provost to interdisciplinary programs, University of Milan, Italy
*since 2004 Founder and Professor: European School of Molecular Medicine
*since 2000 Full Professor of General Pathology, University of Milan, Medical School, Milan, Italy
*1992 - 2000 Associate Professor of Immunopathology, University of Bari Medical School, Italy
*1991 - 1992 ‘Contract Professor’ of General Physiology, University of Urbino, Faculty of Pharmacology, Urbino, Italy
*1991 - 1992 'Contract Professor' of Experimental Oncology, University of Naples, Research Doctorate Program, II Medical School, Naples, Italy
*1990 - 1991 ‘Contract Professor’ of General Physiology, University of Genova, Italy, Faculty of Biological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Genova, Italy
*1983 Lecturer in Experimental Oncology, University of Naples, 2nd Medical School, Naples, Italy
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Cancer research in the fields of endocytosis, stem cells and functional genomics
*Molecular oncology 
*Cell biology
*Molecular mechanisms of cellular transformation, with particular emphasis to signal transduction and signal attenuation by growth factor receptors under normal and neoplastic conditions, and in stem cells
*Translating the knowledge in basic molecular oncology into clinical tools for the amelioration of cancer patient management
__Honours and Awards__
*1984 - ­1987 Fogarty Fellowship, NIH.
*1993 Technology Transfer Award, National Cancer Institute, NIH
*1994 Technology Transfer Award, National Cancer Institute, NIH
*1997 Armenise-­‐Harvard Foundation award
*1998 Ferrero Foundation award
*1998 EMBO elective membership
*2000 “Chiara D’Onofrio” Prize from the Italian Federation of Life Sciences
*2001 “Golfo d’Oro” prize
*2001 Swiss Bridge award
*2002 “Guido Venosta” prize for Cancer Research of the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research
*2003 ”Guglia prize
*2003 Sisal prize
*2004 Prize from the “League of human rights”
*2005 Prize from the “Italian League against Cancer”
*2007 President Associazione Biologia Cellulare e Differenziamento
*2010 Elected Fellow European Academy of Cancer Sciences.
*2010 Elected Fellow Academia Europaea.
*2012 Colin Thomson Memorial Medal
*2013 Elected Fellow Accademia dei Lincei
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