!! Jean Dercourt - Curriculum Vitae
[CV|DercourtJ_bio170610.pdf] (Source: Académie des sciences)
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Born March 11, 1935
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*Graduate studies at the Faculty of Paris  
*1957 Research Fellow at CNRS  
*1958 Associate of Natural Sciences  
*1959-1965 Instructor at the Faculty of Paris  
*1962-1963 Military Service, School Children Troupe Andelys  
*1964 Doctor of Science, Faculty of Sciences at Paris  
*1965-1979 Professor at the University of Lille  
*1969 Visiting Scholar at the University of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)  
*1979-2004 Professor at the University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris  
*1979-1990 Director of the Laboratory of Comparative geology of continents and oceans associated with the CNRS  
*1987 -1988 Visiting Fellow at Imperial College (London University)  
*1987-1992 Co-director with LE Ricou (CNRS-Paris) of the program team Tethys Research Grouping, involving BP, BRGM, CNRS-INSU, ELF, IFP, IFREMER, SHELL, TOTAL, UPMC  
*1993-2001 Co-director with Mr. Gaetani (University of Milan) Peri-Tethys Programme, comprising AGIP, ARCO, BRGM, Chevron, Conoco, Elf, Exxon, IFP, Shell, Sonatrach
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__Management and scientific animation__

__''1 / Nationally''__
*Member and Chairman of the National Council of Universities (Geology Section) (CNU) (1974-1980, 1982-1985) 
*Consultant to the Mission for Research (Geology), Ministry of Universities (1975-1981) 
*Member of the Board of Directors of the National Centre for Ocean Development (CNEXO) (1979-1984)
*Member of the Board of Scientific and Technical Institute of Marine Fisheries (ISTPM) (1981-1982)  
*Member of the Board of IFREMER (1984-1986)   
*Chairman of the geological map of France (Bureau of Geological and Mining Research, BRGM) (1986-1992)   
*Chairman of the Board of Earth Sciences Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM) (1995-1997)   
*Member of the Scientific Council of the National Agency for Radioactive Waste (ANDRA) (since 1994)
*Member and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the French Oil Institute (IFP) (1991-2005)   
*Committee member for oil exploration (COPREP) (1994-2004)   
*Chairman of the National Assessment of Research (NRAC) (1997-2003)  
*Member and Chairman of the Development Council of the Institute of Oceanography (2001-2006)  
*Member of the Scientific Council of the Environment Agency and Energy Management (ADEME) (since 2005)
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''__2 / At the international level__''
*Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee of 26 th International Geological Congress, Commission field sessions, Paris (1975-1980)   
*Member and Chairman of the Commission tectonics (COMTEC) of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) (1980-1992)   
*Chairman of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World (DMCC) (1992-2000)   
*Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Programme Middle-East Basins Evolution (ESEM) (since 2003)
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__Awards and honors__
*Member (1957) and Chairman of the Geological Society of France
*Member of the Belgian Society of Geology (Brussels)
*Fellow of the Geological Society of America (Boulder, Colo.) and the Bulgarian Geological Society (Sofia)
*Member of the Romanian Academy (Bucharest) (1995), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest)
*Member (since 1989) and Vice-President (1992-1994) of the Academia Europaea (London)  
*Member of the Academy of Venezuela (1999), the Royal Academy of Belgium (2005), the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology (Morocco) (2006)
*Visquenel price of the Geological Society of France (1966)
*Gonelet price (Price of Industrial Society North) (1966)
*Fourmarier Medal (Geological Society of Belgium) (1968)
*Silver Medal of CNRS (1969)
*Price Von Buch, Geological Society of Germany (1996)
*International Award of the American Association of Petroleum Geology (1999)
*Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Earth Sciences in Beijing (1992), the Universitéde Sofia (1995), University of Athens (1997), Institut Catholique de Paris (2000)
*Commander of the Order of Merit 
*Officer of the Legion of Honor
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