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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2019 - 2014 Professor of Applied High Performance Computing, Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
*2010 Professor Adjunct, Medical School at Yale University
*2010 - 2014  Director of  UCL Network in Computational Life and Medical Sciences
*2005 Honorary Professor of Computer Science, UCL
*2002 Professor of Physical Chemistry, Director of Centre for Computational Science, University College London
*1999 - 2002 Professor of Physical Chemistry, Director of Centre for Computational Science, Queen Mary, University of London
*1996 - 1999 Wolfson-Harwell Fellow, Theoretical Physics Department, University of Oxford
*1991 - 1998 Programme Leader & Senior Scientist, Schlumberger Cambridge Research, Cambridge
*1987 - 1990 Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, University of Wales, Bangor
*1984 - 1987 Sir Edward P. Abraham Junior Research Fellow, Keble College, University of Oxford
*1981 - 1982 Jane Eliza Procter Visiting Fellow, Department of Physics, Princeton University, U.S.A.
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*2018 11th IEEE International Scalable Computing Challenge Award, Washington DC 
*2008 Transformational Science & 5K Club Awards, NSF TeraGrid08
*2006 Life Sciences Award, International Supercomputing Conference (Dresden)
*2005 Inaugural HPC Analytics Challenge Award, Supercomputing  (Seattle, USA) 
*2004 Integrated Data and Information Management Award, International Supercomputing Conference (Heidelberg)
*2003 HPC Challenge Award, Supercomputing  (Phoenix, USA)
*1996 Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Award, American Association for Artificial Intelligence
*1996 Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, U.K.
*1997 Fellow of the Institute of Physics, U.K.


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