!!Franck Courchamp - Curriculum Vitae
*90 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, >5200 citations, h=35\\
*1 book, 2 popularization books, 6 book chapters\\
*50 international conferences (25 invited)\\
*Regular teaching and important popularization activity
*Fulbright Fellowship (2014).-\\
*Silver Medal of the CNRS (2011).-\\
*CNRS Award of Scientific Excellence 2010-2013.-\\
*Southwood Prize 2000 of the best paper by a young researcher (British Ecological Society).-\\
*Secured and managed 7 major grants (over 1.5 millions €) since 2001.-\\
*Listed by ISI (Thompson Scientific – Web of Science) as a ‘Highly Cited’ scientist both in the field of “Ecology/Environment” and in “All Fields” (top 0.5% of ecologists based on past 10 years).-\\
* 2 papers listed in Faculty of 1000
*Supervision of over 60 students at different university levels in France and abroad, 7 Ph. D. Thesis students and 15 postdoctoral researchers for a total of 25 years-\\
*Member of the Editorial Board of Ecological Research (2004-), Ecology Letters (2009-), International Journal of Biodiversity (2012-). -\\
*Regular referee for >30 peer-reviewed International Journals as well as for national and international grant applications. Regular member of PhD Thesis and HDR Comities, in France and abroad.-\\
*Former member of jury committees of research institutes: "Commission de Spécialistes" for University Paris VI Jussieu (2001-2002), University Paris XI Orsay (2004-2007) and University Tours (2001-2003); "CNRS, Section 29”, 2005-2008 and the CSS3 IRD, 2012-.-\\
*Member of the ECO panel of the Finnish Academy of Science (2009-2012)-\\
*Member of the Scientific Committee of FRB, Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité (2009-2013), of the CESAB (2010-2011), of the WWF France (2010-2013) and of the ECO panel of the Finnish Academy of Science (2009-2012)