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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2014 - 2020 President of Academia Europaea
*2017 - 2019 President COST Association
*2015 - present Distinguished Professor Utrecht University
*2014 - 2015 Vice-President ERC
*2012 - 2015 Professor of Tectonics, Utrecht University
*2008 - 2014 Vice-President Academia Europaea
*2004 - 2017 President International Lithosphere Programme
*1998 - 2000 President European Geophysical Society
*1988 - 2011 Professor of Tectonics, VU University Amsterdam
*1986 - 1988 Associate Professor of Tectonophysics, department of Geophysics, Utrecht
*1983 - 1986 Senior lecturer Geophysics, department of Geophysics, University of Utrecht
*1977 - 1982 Junior lecturer Geophysics, department of Geophysics, University of Utrecht
*December 1982 PhD degree geophysics University of Utrecht (Thesis: Evolution of passive margins and initiation of subduction zones; Promotor: Prof. dr. N.J. Vlaar)
*January 1977 MSc degree geophysics with minors in structural geology and numerical mathematics (cum laude; supervisor Prof. dr. N.J. Vlaar), University of Utrecht
*March 1972 BSc degree geology with physics and mathematics, University of Groningen (supervisors Professors Ph.Kuenen and L.M.J.U. van Straaten)
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*1993 Member Academia Europaea 
*1993 Distinguished Lecturer American Association of Petroleum Geologists 
*1995 Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
*1995 Leopold von Buch Medal, German Geological Society
*1996 Golden Badge Award European Geophysical Society
*1996 Professor Honoris Causa of Bucharest University, Romania 
*1997 Member Netherlands Society for Sciences
*1997 Sackler Professor at the Institute of Geohysics and Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv, University, Israel 
*1998 Member Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences 
*1999 Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Rennes, France
*1999 Honorary Member of the Hungarian Geophysical Society
*2001 Professor and Doctor Honoris Causa, Eötvös University of Budapest, Hungary
*2002 Fellow American Geophysical Union
*2002 Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Salzburg, Austria
*2005 Foreign Member Royal Norwegian Academy of Sciences 
*2005 Corresponding Member Heidelberg Academy of Sciences
*2005 Chevalier dans l’Ordre national de la Légion d’Honneur 
*2006 Stephan Mueller Medal, European Geosciences Union 
*2006 Foreign Member Royal Danish Academy of Sciences 
*2006 Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences Distinguished Professor 
*2006 Honorary Fellow, Geological Society of America 
*2007 Van Waterschot van der Gracht Medal, Royal Netherlands Geological and Mining Society
*2007 Honorary Professor, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 
*2007 Visiting Professor, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
*2007 Blaustein Visiting Professor, Stanford University 
*2008 Foreign member Bavarian Academy of Sciences
*2008 Visiting Professor, University Pierre et Marie Curie
*2009 Visiting Professor, ETH Zürich
*2009 Visiting Professor, IFP Rueil-Malmaison
*2010 Alexander von Humboldt Research Award
*2010 Member German National Academy for Technical Sciences acatech
*2011 Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Potsdam
*2013 Arthur Holmes Medal and honorary membership of the European Geosciences Union
*2014 Knight in the Royal Order of the Netherlands Lion
*2014 Utrecht University Distinguished Professor
*2016 Honorary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
*2017 Emil Wiechert Medal, German Geophysical Society
*2017 Distinguished Visiting Professor Hungarian Academy of Sciences
*2018 Foreign Member of the Royal Academy of Barcelona
*2019 Honorary Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
*2019 Honorary Member of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
*2023 Dimitrie Cantemir Medal, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
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