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__Present and Previous Positions__
*1971 - Present Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley
*1967 - 1970 Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University
*1964 - 1967 Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University 
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Cellular neural/nonlinear networks
*Nonlinear circuits and systems
*Nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation and chaos
__Honours and Awards__
**2005 IEEE Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Award
**Top 15 most cited Author in Engineering Award, 2002 (This award was chosen from the Current Contents (ISI) data base of all cited papers in the Engineering discipline (all branches of engineering) indexed from 1991 to October 31, 2001.)
**2000 IEEE Neural Networks Pioneer Award
**2000 IEEE Third Millenium Medal
**2000 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Golden Jubilee Medal
**Mac Van Valkenburg Award (1995 and 1998)
**1991 Professor Invite, University of Nice
**1986 Professor Invite, University of Paris
**1985 IEEE Centennial Medal
**1983 Visiting US Scientist Award (Japan)
**1982 Alexander von Humboldt Senior US Scientist Award
**1982 Senior Visiting Fellowship, Cambridge University
**1976 Miller Research Professorship
**1974 Frederick Emmons Award
**1973 IEEE W. R. G. Baker Prize Award
**1973 IEEE Browder J. Thompson Memorial Prize Award
*Honorary Degrees
**2013 [Doctor Honoris Causa|http://www.kuleuven.be/english/news/honourees-leon-chua-and-tamas-roska-201cthis-is-going-to-be-disruptive201d], KU Leuven
**2003 Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate), AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland
**2000Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate), University of Catania, Italy
**1997 Docteur Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate), Technical University of Iasa, Romanua
**1996 Docteur Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate), University of Frankfurt, Germany
**1995 Docteur Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate), University of Santiago De Compostela, Spain
**1994 Docteur Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate), Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
**1992 Honorary Doctor, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
**1984 Honorary Doctor, University of Tokushima, Japan
**1983 Docteur Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate), Ecole Polytechnique Federale-Lausanne, Switzerland
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