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__Present and Previous Positions__
*1955 École Normale Supérieure, Bachelor's degree
*1957 Master's degree (Diplome d'Études Supérieure) 
*1964 PhD studies at the Pasteur Institute under the direction of Jacques Monod and Francois Jacob. 
*1965 – 1966 University of California Berkeley 
*1967 Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New-York  
*1972 Unit of Molecular Neurobiology at the Pasteur Institute, where he received a professorship in 1975. 
*1975 Changeux was elected professor at the Collège de France, chair of Cell Communications, position that he held until 2006
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*2010 Pasarow Award for "Extraordinary achievements in neuropsychiatric research", Los Angeles
*2008 Neuronal plasticity prize, IPSEN Foundation
*2008 CINP Pioneer Award
*2007 NAS Award in the Neurosciences from the National Academy of Sciences
*2006 Golden Eurydice Award from International Forum of Biophilosophy
*2006 Dart/NYU Biotechnology Award in Basic Biotechnology
*2005 Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science
*2002 American Philosophical Society’s Karl Spencer Lashley Award in neuroscience
*2001 Balzan Prize for Cognitive Neurosciences
*2000 Langley Award for basic research on nicotine and tobacco, Washington
*1999 Linus Pauling medal, Stanford, US
*1999 Eli Lilly award in preclinical Neuroscience, European College of Neuropsychopharmacology
*1998 Prize Emanuel Merck in Chemistry, Darmastadt
*1997 Prize Jean-Louis Signoret in Neuropsychology, Ipsen Foundation
*1997 Great prize of the Foundation for Medical Research, Paris
*1996 Max-Delbrück Medal in Molecular Medicine
*1994 Sir Hans Krebs medal, FEBS
*1994 Goodman and Gilman Award in drug receptor pharmacology
*1994 Camillo Golgi medal, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
*1993 Thudichum medal, Biochemical Society
*1993 Louis-Jeantet prize for Medicine
*1992 Science for Art, Prix d'Honneur LVMH
*1992 International Prize Amedeo e Frances Herlitzka for Physiological Sciences
*1992 Gold-medal of the French CNRS.
*1991 Carl-Gustav-Bernhard medal of the Swedish Academy of Science
*1990 Bristol-Myers-Squibb prize of the Neurosciences Research Institute.
*1988 Rita-Levi-Montalcini prize of the Fidia Foundation
*1986 prize F.-O- Schmitt of the Neursosciences Research Institute.
*1985 Ciba Geigy Drew Award in Biomedical Research
*1983 literacy prize Broquette-Gonin of the French academy for the "l'Homme neuronal"
*1982 prize Richard-Lounsbery of the US Academy of Sciences and the French Academy of Sciences
*1982 Wolf Foundation Prize in Medicine
*1978 Gairdner Foundation International Award
*1977 Alexandre-Joannidès prize of the French Academy of Sciences

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