!!David Cannadine
!Shrot laudatio by Robert Allan Houston
David Cannadine has produced a large volume of first-rate work on elite society and
politics in Britain Hom the eighteenth century to the present day.
\\ \\
Reading David Cannadine’s CV is an awe-inspiring experience. His achievements are
legion and his reputation towering. David Cannadine moves easily in both
academic circles and at the highest levels of government and the arts. He has given
invited lectures around the developed world over his career as well as serving on
committees covering every aspect of academic life, education more broadly, and the
arts (plus some more strictly governmental) while still managing to produce more
publications of the highest quality than most of his peers could manage in two or three
lifetimes. Actively recruited to serve on important bodies in both an academic and a
public capacity in both UK and USA, he was knighted in 2008.
\\ \\
I have known him since I was a research student and he a junior lecturer at
Cambridge, starting his glittering career. He was and is unfailingly generous and
polite. With his piercing intellect, capacity for hard work, rock solid judgement, and
excellent interpersonal and literary skills, David Cannadine has moved effortlessly between
prestigious appointments in Britain and North America, yet remains a modest and
easy going man.


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