!!Barbara Canlon

__Previous positions__
*MSc degree 1984 Michigan University
*Research Assistant (1977-1980) Institute for Basic Research, New York
__Projects and non-academic activites__
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1994 consultant to NIH for hearing disorders; 1995 Concerted Action grant
awarded by European Commission, BC a Task Organizer. 1998 Elected to the
International Committee Research in Otolaryngology, 1999 Vice President
for Swedish Acoustical Society (1999-present). 2000 Concerted Action grant
awarded by the European Commission, B Canlon a Task Organizer. 2002-2005
Vice president and 2005-present President for Center for Communication
Disorders. 2005-present President for National Center for Communication
Disorders. 2009 Member of consortium for Hearing Disabilities. 2009-2014
PI for Research School on Communication Disorders, 2010- Project with Astra
Zeneca:hearing problems in workplace. 2011 Commisioned by United States
Marines as consultant.
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__Plenary talks (over 35)__
*2011: ISAAR, Denmark
*2011: CRS Amplifon, Germany
*2010: 50 year anniversary Kresege Hearing Institute, Univ. Michigan
*2010: Jackson Laboratory, USA
*2010: Swedish-American Life Science Summit
*2009: Finnish ENT Society
*2008: Swedish Physiological Society